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Apology Letters From Trump Co-Defendants Released

Sidney Powell, Kenneth Chesebro issued single-sentence apologies to citizens of Georgia

(Newser) - Defendants who took plea deals in the Georgia election interference case were required to write apology letters to the state's citizens. Jenna Ellis, a former member of Donald Trump's legal team, chose to read hers aloud in court , saying she regretted her role in Trump's efforts to...

Lawyer for Trump Co-Defendant Admits Leaking Videos

Videos made as part of plea deals in Georgia election case revealed new details

(Newser) - The release of video statements from four defendants who pleaded guilty in the Georgia election interference case led to quite an uproar, with prosecutors and defense attorneys in the case demanding to know how the videos got out, the Hill reports. Turns out the lawyer of another defendant in the...

Trump Co-Defendant Chesebro Pleads Guilty

Deal comes as jury selection was getting underway in Georgia

(Newser) - Another big plea deal in the Georgia case against Donald Trump and multiple co-defendants: Lawyer Kenneth Chesebro pleaded guilty to a felony on Friday just as jury selection was getting underway in his trial on charges accusing him of participating in efforts to overturn Trump's loss in the state in...

Sidney Powell's Plea May Be 'Very Bad News' for Trump
Sidney Powell's Plea May Be
'Very Bad News' for Trump
the rundown

Sidney Powell's Plea May Be 'Very Bad News' for Trump

Former Trump attorney may be called to testify against the former president

(Newser) - Tuesday's guilty plea in Georgia by former Donald Trump attorney Sidney Powell is being called a big win for prosecutors and a big loss for the former president, per the New York Times . "I think it's very bad news for Trump," says Georgia State University law...

Sidney Powell Takes a Plea, Must Apologize to Georgians

She gets 6 years of probation, must testify in the election interference case

(Newser) - Lawyer Sidney Powell pleaded guilty to reduced charges Thursday over efforts to overturn former President Donald Trump's loss in the 2020 election in Georgia, becoming the second defendant in the sprawling case to reach a deal with prosecutors. Powell, who was charged alongside Trump and 17 others with violating...

Georgia Judge's Decision Spares Trump a Trial Next Month

Ruling separates two who wanted a speedy trial from the former president and 16 others

(Newser) - It's a break for Donald Trump: The former president will not have to go on trial next month in his Georgia indictment . Instead, only two of the 19 defendants will do so—former Trump attorneys Sidney Powell and Kenneth Chesebro, reports the New York Times . Those two requested a...

Giuliani Pleads Not Guilty, Avoiding a Georgia Court Date

More than half the defendants, including Trump, have done the same

(Newser) - Rudy Giuliani filed a not guilty plea on Friday to charges that he illegally tried to overturn Georgia's results in the 2020 presidential election, along with Donald Trump and their other codefendants. Giuliani waived his right to appear at an arraignment hearing scheduled for next week; Trump and at...

Footage Offers Clues to Breach at Ga. Elections Office

Head of local GOP escorted data forensics experts said to be hired by pro-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell

(Newser) - Computer experts who allegedly copied sensitive software and data from voting equipment following the 2020 election spent hours at an elections office in rural Georgia on Jan. 7, 2021—the day after the Capitol insurrection—where they were greeted by the then-head of the local Republican party. Footage reviewed by...

Judge Gives OK to Smartmatic Suit Against Fox News

Voting tech company is suing network, hosts, guests on false election-rigging narrative

(Newser) - A New York judge ruled on Tuesday that a $2.7 billion defamation lawsuit brought by voting tech company Smartmatic against Fox News and several of its hosts may proceed, though with caveats, reports the New York Times . Judge David Cohen rebuffed the network's attempt to have him dismiss...

Trump Asked DHS, Barr to Seize Voting Machines

But former president heeded Guiliani's advice to keep the military out of it, according to reports

(Newser) - The New York Times is out with a story asserting that then-President Trump was trying harder than has been previously known to have voting machines seized in the aftermath of the 2020 election. Key points in the story and related coverage:
  • Homeland Security: Six weeks after the vote, Trump had

Jan. 6 Panel Subpoenas Eric Trump's Phone Records

CNN calls latest development a 'significant escalation'

(Newser) - Update: The House Jan. 6 committee has subpoenaed and obtained phone records linked to Eric Trump and Kimberly Guilfoyle, Donald Trump Jr.'s fiancee, sources tell CNN . The network calls it a "significant escalation" of the probe as it relates to former President Trump's role in the...

Report: Trump Campaign Memo Debunked Claims on Dominion

Lawyers touted baseless claims after Nov. 14 memo declared them false, per 'NYT'

(Newser) - The Trump campaign knew claims that Dominion used its voting machines to rig the 2020 presidential election were baseless within days of the election, before lawsuits were filed to that effect and lawyers touted the claims as fact in a Nov. 19 televised press conference , the New York Times reports....

Dominion Voting Systems Case Can Head Toward Trial: Judge

Judge clears way for case against Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, Mike Lindell to proceed

(Newser) - A federal judge cleared the way Wednesday for a defamation case by Dominion Voting Systems to proceed against Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, and Mike Lindell, allies of former President Trump who had all falsely accused the company of rigging the 2020 presidential election. US District Judge Carl Nichols ruled that...

Sidney Powell: 'No Reasonable Person' Would Have Bought My Claims

Former Trump lawyer wants suit against her tossed

(Newser) - Oh, those claims that Dominion Voting Systems machines were rigged to throw the presidential election to Joe Biden? "No reasonable person" would have taken those statements as facts, Sidney Powell, former member of then-President Trump's legal team, says in a new court filing. Powell is seeking to have...

2nd Voting Tech Company Sues Fox, Giuliani

Smartmatic also names Sidney Powell, and Fox hosts over claims of election fraud

(Newser) - Smartmatic, a voting technology company dealing with fallout from false claims of election fraud, has sued Fox News, Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and several Fox hosts for $2.7 billion. "We have no choice," said Antonio Mugica, the company's chief executive, CNN reports. "The disinformation campaign...

Trump Sneaks in 4 More Tweets, Hints of 'Own Platform'

Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell also get banned from Twitter

(Newser) - Twitter permanently suspended President Trump's personal account, @RealDonaldTrump, on Friday, but the commander in chief quickly found a temporary workaround. CNBC reports that Trump managed to sneak in four more tweets from the government-owned @POTUS account on Friday evening, although those tweets were also removed from the platform almost...

Trump Ally Sidney Powell Just Got Sued for $1.3B

Dominion Voting Systems accuses her of defamation

(Newser) - Dominion Voting Systems threatened to sue, and, brother, did it ever. The company is seeking $1.3 billion in damages from attorney and Trump ally Sidney Powell, reports Bloomberg . Dominion accuses Powell of defamation for repeatedly making "wild" claims that its machines were rigged to shift votes for President...

Dominion Voting Systems Is Fighting Back

Will sue Sidney Powell, and maybe even Trump himself

(Newser) - Dominion Voting Systems has been dragged through the wringer by the Trump campaign, and now the company is fighting back. Its founder and CEO tells Axios it will "imminently" sue ex-Trump campaign attorney Sidney Powell for defamation, and that it is looking into suing others—including, possibly, President Trump...

Trump Loses Another Big Voice in His Fight

'New York Post' tells him to 'stop the insanity' over election challenges

(Newser) - Another staunch ally of President Trump wants him to give up his fight over the election. The New York Post is out Monday with a headline blaring "Stop The Insanity" on its cover, reports the Hill . The editorial board refers to Trump's ongoing challenge of the results as...

Dominion Staffer Sues Trump Campaign: I Want My Life Back

Eric Coomer says he's had to go into hiding due to conspiracy theories about election 'rigging'

(Newser) - A high-ranking employee for a company that provided election equipment and software in 28 states has been subjected to harassment and death threats so alarming that he was forced to go into hiding a week after the election. Now, Eric Coomer says he wants his life back, and he's...

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