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Biden Insists Aid to Ukraine Must Continue
Biden Insists Aid to
Ukraine Must Continue
the rundown

Biden Insists Aid to Ukraine Must Continue

Schumer and McConnell say they'll work on it, but McCarthy says border is more pressing

(Newser) - After signing a government funding bill that excluded aid to Ukraine, President Biden assured the US—and its allies—on Sunday that financial and military assistance to fight off the Russian invasion will not be cut off. "We cannot under any circumstances allow American support for Ukraine to be...

Biden Drilling Deal Pleases Few
Biden Drilling Deal Pleases Few

Biden Drilling Deal Pleases Few

Interior to allow three offshore oil lease sales through 2029, a sharp reduction

(Newser) - The Biden administration is steering a middle path on offshore oil lease sales, a decision that displeases the industry and its Republican supporters as well as environmental advocates who say the president is breaking a campaign promise. The Interior Department on Friday announced three offshore oil lease sales through 2029,...

Biden: Trump's 'Extremist' MAGA Is a Threat to the US

Its followers do 'not share the basic beliefs of our democracy,' says the president

(Newser) - President Biden says "there is something dangerous happening in America" as he revives his warnings that Donald Trump and his allies represent an existential threat to the country's democratic institutions. "There is an extremist movement that does not share the basic beliefs of our democracy—the MAGA...

Biden's Dog Keeps Biting Secret Service Officers
Commander Has
11th Biting Incident

Commander Has 11th Biting Incident

"First dog" bites another Secret Service officer

(Newser) - Make that 11: "First dog" Commander bit another Secret Service officer this week, bringing the total number of bites he's doled out since October 2022 to 11. The 2-year-old German shepherd bit one of the service's uniformed division police officers Monday night at the White House, according...

In Historic Move, Biden Joins UAW Picket Line

He is believed to be the first sitting president to march with striking workers

(Newser) - President Biden flew to Michigan Tuesday and did something no sitting president has ever done : He joined a picket line. "You deserve the significant raise you need," Biden told striking United Auto Workers in Van Buren Township, via a bullhorn. The AP reports that he walked along the...

On Tuesday, an 'Absolutely Unprecedented' Move by Biden

Looks like he'll be the first president ever to walk picket line when he joins UAW strike in Michigan

(Newser) - President Biden's decision to stand alongside United Auto Workers picketers Tuesday on the 12th day of their strike against major carmakers underscores an allegiance to labor unions that appears to be unparalleled in presidential history, per the AP . Experts in presidential and US labor history say they can't...

As Biden Slips on Issues, Poll Finds Voters Reassess Trump

Incumbent's approval rating hits 37%

(Newser) - There's no single issue President Biden's team has to address to bolster his support among voters, new polling shows: There are a bunch. An ABC News/Washington Post poll found 44% of respondents saying their personal financial situation has worsened during Biden's term, the highest share the poll...

US to Establish Diplomatic Ties With Cook Islands and Niue

Biden moves to shore up ties in Pacific, whose leaders have issues on climate change

(Newser) - President Biden plans to establish diplomatic relations Monday with two South Pacific nations, the Cook Islands and Niue, as his administration aims to show to Pacific Island leaders that it is committed to increasing American presence in the region. The announcement comes as Biden prepares to welcome leaders to Washington...

Biden Leads With His Arm in Encouraging Vaccinations

Doctor says president encourages everyone to catch up on shots

(Newser) - President Biden caught up on vaccinations before urging everyone else to do the same. The White House announced Saturday that the president received a COVID booster vaccination and a flu shot on Friday, USA Today reports. Biden recently was vaccinated against respiratory syncytial virus, Dr. Kevin O'Connor, the presidential...

Biden Makes Big Announcement on UAW Strike

President is heading to Michigan on Tuesday to stand with union workers on the picket line

(Newser) - The United Auto Workers strike expanded on Friday , with union workers walking out of dozens of additional parts-distribution centers across the nation amid sluggish negotiations with Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis, Detroit's "Big Three" automakers. Now, a big-name boost is heading to the picket line next week: President...

White House Rolls Out a Gun Violence Initiative

VP Kamala Harris will oversee the new Office of Gun Violence Prevention

(Newser) - For the first time, the White House will have an office dedicated solely to fighting gun violence. The Biden administration announced its plans Wednesday on the new office, which Reuters notes will "implement existing laws and work with local authorities to pass gun safety legislation at the state level,...

Biden Invokes Executive Power, Goes Ahead With Climate Corps

Shot down by Congress, New Deal-style corps will serve as major green-jobs training program

(Newser) - After being thwarted by Congress, President Biden will use his executive authority to create a New Deal-style climate initiative that will serve as a major green-jobs training program. In an announcement Wednesday, the White House said the program will employ about 20,000 young adults who will build trails, plant...

Highlights of Biden's Speech to UN
of Biden's
to UN

Highlights of Biden's Speech to UN

He warns that the world can't allow Ukraine to be 'carved up'

(Newser) - President Biden addressed the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, and while he dropped no bombshells, he castigated Russia over its Ukraine war and warned of the "existential threat" posed to the world by climate change. Some highlights of the speech, as rounded up by the New York Times , the...

New York Protests Pressure Biden, UN on Fossil Fuels

Climate summit this week will not hear from the US

(Newser) - Frustration over inaction on the harm to the planet being done by fossil fuels brought tens of thousands of protesters to the streets of Manhattan on Sunday. The demonstration was held in anticipation of UN meetings this week on addressing global warming, but the message was aimed most directly at...

For Biden, UAW Strike Is High Stakes

President's economic vision is just one issue on the line

(Newser) - President Biden on Friday addressed the autoworkers strike he said nobody wanted. "Workers deserve a fair share," Biden said in remarks delivered at the White House. "The companies have made some significant offers, but I believe it should go further to ensure record corporate profits mean record...

Biden, Zelensky Plan Meeting
Biden, Zelensky Plan Meeting

Biden, Zelensky Plan Meeting

Ukrainian president will be in New York for UN session

(Newser) - President Biden and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky both plan to address the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Tuesday. At some point during Zelensky's visit, the two will sit down on their own, CNN reports. Neither side would officially confirm that a meeting is planned, but Zelensky...

Judge Again Rules DACA Is Illegal
Judge Again Rules
DACA Is Illegal

Judge Again Rules DACA Is Illegal

Decision doesn't shut down program but probably sends it back to the Supreme Court

(Newser) - The federal program that has prevented the deportation of hundreds of thousands of undocumented young adults has been ruled illegal again, a decision that could send DACA to the US Supreme Court for the third time. In ruling that President Barack Obama exceeded his authority when he created the Deferred...

6 Takes on the Biden Impeachment Inquiry
6 Takes on the Biden
Impeachment Inquiry

6 Takes on the Biden Impeachment Inquiry

Opinions range from 'it's a no brainer' to 'nothing ... justifies the drastic step'

(Newser) - The US faces a third possible impeachment of a president in less than four years. GOP House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said the impeachment inquiry into President Biden, launched Tuesday , comes in response to "allegations of abuse of power, obstruction and corruption." Some onlookers agree with the reasoning, claiming...

Biden Takes Flak Over 9/11 Comments
Gets Hit
Over 9/11

Biden Gets Hit Over 9/11 Comments

President said he was at Ground Zero day after the attacks, which is not so

(Newser) - President Biden is taking some heat over comments he made in a speech in Alaska on Monday to commemorate the 9/11 attacks. "Ground Zero in New York—I remember standing there the next day, and looking at the building," Biden said. "I felt like I was looking...

In Vietnam, Biden Says He Means No Harm to China

President takes steps to grow closer to another potential counter to Chinese aggression

(Newser) - President Biden arrived Sunday in Vietnam to seal a "comprehensive strategic partnership," while insisting his attempts to strengthen US relations with China's neighbors are not coming at the expense of Beijing's Communist government. "I don't want to contain China," Biden said during a...

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