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Foreign Travelers, Welcome Back to the US—If Vaxxed

Starting Nov. 8, travel rules for fully vaccinated from abroad will ease

(Newser) - The White House is lifting travel restrictions on Nov. 8 for fully vaccinated individuals arriving in the US by air or over land borders. Foreign nationals will be able to travel to the US if they show proof of vaccination and a negative COVID-19 test taken within three days of...

Chaos Continues for Southwest Passengers
Chaos Continues
for Southwest
the rundown

Chaos Continues for Southwest Passengers

Airline cancels hundreds more flights

(Newser) - Southwest Airlines and its passengers had a rough weekend , and the problems spilled into Monday. The airline canceled about 2,000 flights from Friday through Sunday, amounting to a "meltdown in Southwest operations," per the Dallas Morning News . On Monday, it canceled about 365 more flights, or roughly...

After Plane Lands, Passenger Exits Onto Wing

Traveler at Miami International went out emergency door, likely faces federal charges

(Newser) - In today's chronicle of bizarre behavior by airplane passengers , authorities at Miami International Airport say a man exited an emergency door and stood on the wing of his plane after it landed. The incident took place when an American Airlines flight from Colombia landed at the airport Wednesday evening,...

Vaccinated Foreigners Will Soon Have Access to the US

New travel restrictions will go into place in November

(Newser) - Fully vaccinated foreigners will soon have access to the US again. The Biden administration on Monday announced that international travelers will be able to come to the US starting in early November. While they won't be subject to a quarantine, there will be protocols in place, including that the...

JetBlue Rolls the Dice, Adds Low-Cost Transatlantic Flight

New York to London for about $400 round trip

(Newser) - With business travel near zero, and British citizens not allowed to visit the US unless it’s an emergency, adding a flight between New York and London could be a gamble. But it’s a route that usually earns an airline a lot of money, and JetBlue picked it up...

By Air or by Sea, a Vax to Travel in Canada You'll Need

Nation announces air travelers, cruise ship passengers will soon need the jab

(Newser) - Canada opened its doors to fully vaccinated Americans on Monday, causing cars to back up at the border for hours. On Friday, Transport Minister Omar Alghabra made a new travel-related announcement: By sometime this autumn, air travelers, cruise ship passengers, and those taking the train from province to province in...

TSA: Hundreds Have Broken Mask Rule, Only 2 Agree to Pay Fine
Travelers Have
'Not Surprising'
Reaction to TSA
Mask Fines
in case you missed it

Travelers Have 'Not Surprising' Reaction to TSA Mask Fines

Out of 2.4K incidents of alleged noncompliance, only 2 have agreed to pay the $250 penalty

(Newser) - Earlier this year, the TSA warned that people who refuse to wear face masks while using public transit, in accordance with a federal mandate, could face hefty fines. It doesn't seem like that heads-up served as much of a deterrent, at least not for a couple of thousand travelers...

Passengers Taken Off Plane After Teen Sends Gun Pic

The image was of an airsoft gun that wasn't even on a plane

(Newser) - Some passengers on a United flight from San Francisco to Orlando, Florida, got a weird photo on their Apple devices delivered via AirDrop. AirDrop is an Apple feature that lets photos be transmitted short distances, and it’s possible to leave that connection open to the public. A photo of...

The Best Airlines, Ranked
The Best Airlines, Ranked

The Best Airlines, Ranked

Qatar is No. 1, while United is only American airline to crack the top 10

(Newser) - The site AirlineRatings is out with its annual ranking of the world's airlines, and a new champ has been crowned after a year upended by the pandemic. Qatar Airways comes in at No. 1, while United is the only American airline (No. 8) to make the top 10. This...

United Airlines Just Made a Huge Bet on Travel

Company orders 270 new planes, most in its history

(Newser) - Air travel is back. Just ask United Airlines. The company has placed the biggest jet order in its history, and the biggest for any US airline since 2011. The purchase of 270 new single-aisle planes from Boeing and Airbus has a two-fold purpose: to replace some aging aircraft as well...

Passenger Cuts Trip Short, Jumps From Moving Plane

Passenger's sudden exit landed him in the hospital

(Newser) - A man had second thoughts pretty quickly after boarding a flight from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City. As the plane was taxiing from the gate to the runway Friday evening, he got out of his seat, tried to open the cockpit door, and then decided to leave the only...

Eerie, Apocalyptic Note Found in Delta Cockpit

The last pilot off the plane in March 2020 left a message for the next people in the cockpit

(Newser) - When the coronavirus first surged and lockdowns were expected to be brief, a Delta Airlines pilot left a note for the next person to take his seat. That cockpit note became a time capsule undisturbed for 435 days. When Chris Dennis first wrote it—and posted it on Facebook —...

Passengers Take Down Man Who Threatened Delta Flight

An off-duty pilot helped subdue a passenger who appeared to be having a mental health crisis

(Newser) - A planeload of people bound for Atlanta from Los Angeles had to take an unexpected detour to Oklahoma City, in the latest in a wave of in-flight violent incidents . A man on Delta Flight 1730 freaked out, made terroristic threats, and attacked a couple of flight attendants, the Atlanta ...

Plane Drops Off Passenger Screaming 'Stop the Plane'

A Delta flight from LA to Nashville had to make an emergency landing in Alburquerque

(Newser) - A Delta flight from Los Angeles to Nashville had to divert to Albuquerque, New Mexico, when a passenger rushed the cockpit. Other passengers and a flight attendant wrestled the passenger to the ground. In video posted to social media, the quick-thinking flight attendant can be heard saying, “that’s...

United Orders 15 Supersonic Jets
United Orders 15
Supersonic Jets

United Orders 15 Supersonic Jets

But they won't be ready until 2029 at the earliest

(Newser) - The good news for air travelers hungering for faster flights is that United just ordered 15 supersonic jets. The bad news is they won't be ready until 2029, and that's if nothing goes wrong along the way, reports CNBC . The airline placed the order with Denver startup Boom...

Memorial Day Travelers Can Expect Airport Lines

Numbers are back up around pre-pandemic levels

(Newser) - Americans hit the road in near-record numbers at the start of the Memorial Day weekend, as their eagerness to break free from coronavirus confinement overcame higher prices for flights, gasoline and hotels, per the AP . More than 1.8 million people went through US airports on Thursday, and the number...

Unruly Plane Passenger Is Fined $32K
Unruly Plane Passenger
Is Fined $32K

Unruly Plane Passenger Is Fined $32K

FAA attaches some big numbers to its zero-tolerance policy

(Newser) - The FAA has had enough of unruly passengers. In early 2021, the agency announced a zero-tolerance policy , and in a press release last week they explained just what they mean. No more warnings and no more counseling—the maskless and unruly are facing stiff fines. The FAA isn’t naming...

France May Do Away With Short Domestic Flights

It's a move related to climate change

(Newser) - French lawmakers gave the green light to a new restriction over the weekend, but this one was spurred on by the climate, not COVID. The National Assembly late Saturday voted in favor of putting an end to all domestic airline flights whose journey could instead be made by direct train...

If You're Fully Vaccinated, a New Thumbs-Up

Agency gives OK for those with all their COVID shots to travel domestically, overseas

(Newser) - Anyone who's been holding off on trying to get a COVID vaccine may now have a new incentive. Politico reports that the CDC on Friday updated its guidance on travel during the pandemic, saying Americans can feel free to travel around the US and internationally, as long as they'...

Aboard That Scary Flight: 'Don't Look ... Let's Just Pray'

Investigators trying to understand why fan blades broke, and not for the first time

(Newser) - It's a small miracle nobody was hurt or killed in Colorado over the weekend after an engine blew on a United jet and rained huge pieces of debris on neighborhoods near the Denver International Airport. In fact, one of the engine's fan blades came down on a soccer...

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