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These Are the Jobs Your Partner Wishes You Had

Zippia lists most, least attractive jobs for a partner from the perspective of men and women

(Newser) - Working in health care probably doesn't feel all that sexy during a pandemic. But it does look that way in a new survey. Zippia asked 1,000 workers about what common jobs they thought were most attractive for a romantic partner out of a list of 250, and the...

900 Had Period Issues After Portland Protests
900 Women Had Period Issues
After Portland Protests

900 Women Had Period Issues After Portland Protests

Survey raises concerns about the effect of tear gas on endocrine system

(Newser) - A new study is lending credence to widespread claims from protesters that tear gas messed with their periods. Dozens of protesters told media outlets about period irregularities, which they blamed on tear gas exposure, following protests across the country last summer. Now, those claims take center stage in an anonymous...

His Drone Took Property Pics. Surveyors Didn't Like That

Man running business capturing land images for realtors sues after NC grounds his drone

(Newser) - When Michael Jones started a side hustle shooting drone photos and videos for real estate agents, his clients wanted more images with property lines on them, to better understand where their fences should be. It seemed like a good use of emerging technology that met an obvious consumer demand, and...

Health Care Workers Haven't All Lined Up for Vaccinations

Nearly half haven't had a shot, survey finds, despite being given priority

(Newser) - Frontline US medical workers were given a spot at the front of the vaccine line, but nearly half still have not taken advantage of the offer. A survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Washington Post found that 52% have received at least one dose of coronavirus vaccine. That...

7 Years Historians Say Were Worse Than 2020
7 Years Historians Say
Were Worse Than 2020
in case you missed it

7 Years Historians Say Were Worse Than 2020

The US has seen plenty of bad times

(Newser) - You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who'd say 2020 was great, but a group of 28 historians says there have been other years in US history that were even worse than this one, CBS News reports. In a survey conducted by self-help therapy app company Bloom, the academics...

One Word in School's Name Has Prompted Push for Change

Board of trustees approves motion to drop 'Dixie' from Dixie State University in Utah

(Newser) - Dixie State University appears to be following the lead of the Chicks . The Utah university's board of trustees unanimously approved a motion to change the school's name on Monday after a survey showed respondents related it to the Confederacy. Some 41% of Utahans and 64% of respondents from...

Poll Finds Burnout Among France's Nurses
French Survey:
Nurses Are Wearing Out

French Survey: Nurses Are Wearing Out

Most say working conditions have worsened during the pandemic

(Newser) - A significant number of French nurses responding to a poll say they are tired and fed up, with 37% saying that the coronavirus pandemic is making them want to change jobs. The survey published Sunday comes as COVID-19 infection rates soar across the nation. Health authorities counted nearly 26,900...

10% of US Young Adults Think Jews Caused the Holocaust
10% of US Young Adults Think
Jews Caused the Holocaust

10% of US Young Adults Think Jews Caused the Holocaust

Survey results cast as 'shocking,' 'astounding'

(Newser) - Nearly two-thirds of young adults in America don't know about the Holocaust, the greatest crime of the last century, which some fear could be repeated. That's according to a survey of 11,000 adults ages 18 to 39. Some 23% said they believed the Holocaust was exaggerated, a...

US Happiness at 48-Year Low
Americans Haven't Been
This Glum in 50 Years

Americans Haven't Been This Glum in 50 Years

Happiness survey registers 48-year low amid pandemic

(Newser) - Spoiler alert: 2020 has been rough on the American psyche. Folks in the US are more unhappy today than they've been in nearly 50 years, according to the COVID Response Tracking Study , conducted by NORC at the University of Chicago. Highlights, per the AP :
  • Just 14% of American adults

28% of Food Delivery Drivers 'Violate Their Sacred Duty'

By snacking on your order, per US Foods survey

(Newser) - See fewer fries than normal in your fast-food delivery order? The restaurant might not be to blame. Food delivery drivers "violate their sacred duty by taking some of the food!" according to foodservice distributor US Foods , which surveyed 500 drivers as well as 1,500 American users of...

Red- and White-Wine Drinkers Are Very Different
Red- and White-Wine
Drinkers Are Very Different

Red- and White-Wine Drinkers Are Very Different

A poll of 2K adult Americans tells you the details

(Newser) - Clearly white-wine drinkers prefer punk music and red-wine lean toward jazz—didn't you know? As part of National Wine Day, a poll is out revealing the self-proclaimed personality traits and wine preferences of 2,000 Americans over the age of 21, per the New York Post . Conducted by One...

One Part of the World Is Pretty Positive

Gallup poll: Latin American nations tend to have less negativity

(Newser) - Feeling angry, worried, and stressed? So is the rest of the world, though some areas are more prone to those feelings than others. That's per Gallup's "Global Emotions" report , cited by the BBC , which surveyed 151,000 people in more than 140 countries to gauge their negative...

Americans Have Less Sex—Especially Men
Young Americans' 
Sex Lives Are Changing
new survey

Young Americans' Sex Lives Are Changing

Young men's especially, it seems

(Newser) - Guys, really—it's time to stop leveling up on Fortnite. A new General Social Survey shows Americans are having much less sex and young men are partly the cause, the Washington Post reports. The 2018 survey says nearly one in four adults had no sex over the past year,...

Parents Complain About Survey Sent to Fifth Graders

It asked about their sexual history and gender identity

(Newser) - A survey that asked fifth-grade students in Vermont about their sexual history, preference, and gender identity has drawn complaints from parents, the AP reports. The survey sent to Windsor Elementary School students was conducted by WISE, a nonprofit domestic violence prevention and advocacy group, WPTZ-TV reported. A notice was sent...

Officials Make Admission About Alien Life

Germany admits it lacks plan for extra-terrestrials

(Newser) - The German government says it has made no preparations for the possibility that aliens might land in the European country, the AP reports. In a response to questions from opposition Green Party lawmaker Dieter Janecek, the government says "there are no protocols or plans for a possible first contact...

41% of Americans Have to Ask, 'What's Auschwitz?'
41% of Americans Have
to Ask, 'What's Auschwitz?'

41% of Americans Have to Ask, 'What's Auschwitz?'

Survey results show need for Holocaust education: official

(Newser) - Thursday is Holocaust Remembrance Day, and a new survey suggests the day is sorely needed. The results show that many Americans, particularly young adults, lack a basic understanding of the Nazi genocide during World War II. Though 96% of respondents said the Holocaust took place, 31% believe a maximum of...

The 10 Things Americans Fear the Most

Corruption and ... TrumpCare

(Newser) - 2017 marked "a pronounced shift" in American fears. Christopher Bader of Chapman University, which has released its fourth annual Survey of American Fears , notes "environmental fears" are prominent in the 10 biggest fears of Americans for the first time, per a release . For the third year in a...

Kids Grow Up Too Fast? Not Anymore
Why Today's Teens
Don't Act Their Age

Why Today's Teens Don't Act Their Age

'Helicopter parenting' is one factor, researchers say

(Newser) - Compared to a generation ago, today's young people are dawdling when it comes to experiencing behaviors traditionally seen as precursors to adulthood: drinking, driving, having sex, and joining the workforce. As a result, they're often called "lazy"—but that's not exactly accurate. According to researchers,...

20% of Us Are Online 'Almost Constantly'

The figures is even higher among those under 50

(Newser) - Do you rarely disconnect from the web? You're not alone. A Pew survey of 2,001 American adults shows 21% who use the Internet do so "almost constantly," reports NBC News . The figure is much higher among younger generations—36% of people 18 to 29 and 28%...

27% of Americans Didn't Read a Book Last Year

New survey offers up somewhat depressing stat

(Newser) - A depressing state for bibliophiles: 27% of American adults surveyed this year said they had not read a single book during the prior year. That's out of a Pew Research survey conducted in March and April. Seventy-two percent said they had read at least one book in that timeframe...

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