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Netanyahu Dissolves His War Cabinet
Netanyahu Dissolves
His War Cabinet

Netanyahu Dissolves His War Cabinet

Move could further complicate cease-fire talks

(Newser) - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dissolved the small but influential War Cabinet that has overseen the fighting in Gaza, Israeli officials said Monday, a move that comes days after a key member of the body bolted from the government over frustration with the Israeli leader's handling of the war....

Blaming Netanyahu's Handling of War, Gantz Quits Government

Resignation weakens prime minister's position but doesn't end coalition

(Newser) - Benny Gantz, a centrist presence in Israel's emergency government, resigned on Sunday over Benjamin Netanyahu's management of the war in Gaza. The defection fractures, but appears unlikely to immediately break, the prime minister's ruling coalition. Gantz had said he would quit if there was no postwar plan...

Netanyahu to Address Congress Next Month
Netanyahu, Congress Set a Date

Netanyahu, Congress Set a Date

Democrats wrestle with potential boycott

(Newser) - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to address a joint meeting of Congress on July 24, the AP reports—an appearance that Democratic leaders already are anticipating will be boycotted by some of their members. Congressional leaders formally invited Netanyahu last week without settling on a date. The letter...

George Clooney Calls White House With a Complaint

Biden aides worried about upset actor backing out of fundraiser

(Newser) - George Clooney called the White House last month with a complaint, sparking concern that he would drop out of a June 15 fundraiser for President Biden's reelection campaign. The actor reached presidential counselor Steve Ricchetti to discuss Biden's criticism of International Criminal Court prosecutors' decision to seek arrest...

Angered by Netanyahu Warrant, House Hits Back at ICC

Illegitimate Court Counteraction Act passes 247-155, despite White House opposition

(Newser) - House Republicans led a push to impose sanctions against the International Criminal Court on Tuesday in response to arrest warrants for Israeli leaders , including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Lawmakers voted 247-155 to pass the Illegitimate Court Counteraction Act introduced by GOP Rep. Chip Roy with nearly all Republicans and 42...

Netanyahu Answers Biden on Ceasefire Proposal

Israeli officials say war cabinet has backed an identical plan

(Newser) - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday provided a quick answer to President Biden's three-part plan to end the war in Gaza by saying Israel's goals have not yet been met. "Israel's conditions for ending the war have not changed: the destruction of Hamas's military and...

Hostages' Families Push for Biden's Ceasefire Plan

'This might be the last chance to save lives,' says one relative advocating for proposal on Gaza

(Newser) - Families of Israeli hostages held by Hamas called for all parties to immediately accept a proposal detailed by US President Biden to end the nearly eight-month-long war and bring their relatives home, but Israel's government said conditions for a ceasefire still must be met. Biden outlined a three-phase deal...

Israel Threatened, Spied on ICC Chief Prosecutor: Report

Fatou Bensouda reportedly feared for her safety amid intimidation campaign

(Newser) - Israel's foreign intelligence agency led a nearly decade-long covert "war" against the International Criminal Court, which included threatening the chief prosecutor in a failed effort to keep her from investigating alleged war crimes in Palestinian territories, according to a joint investigation by the Guardian , +972 Magazine , and the...

Biden: Move Against Netanyahu 'Outrageous'

President slams request by International Criminal Court's top prosecutor for arrest warrant

(Newser) - President Biden has been walking the line between supporting Israel and criticizing its Gaza attack , but on Monday he came down firmly on Benjamin Netanyahu's side. Biden called the decision by the top prosecutor at the International Criminal Court to seek an arrest warrant for the Israeli leader "...

ICC Seeks Arrest Warrants for Netanyahu, Hamas Leaders

Karim Khan says he's seeking arrest warrants for Netanyahu, Israel defense chief, Hamas leaders

(Newser) - The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court said Monday he's seeking arrest warrants for Israeli and Hamas leaders, including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in connection with their actions during the seven-month war. Karim Khan said that he believes Netanyahu, his defense minister Yoav Gallant, and three Hamas...

Gantz Gives Netanyahu Ultimatum Over War

Rival says he'll leave emergency government unless there's a clear plan in place soon

(Newser) - A member of Israel's senior leadership announced Saturday that he'll resign unless Benjamin Netanyahu settles on a plan with his Cabinet for the future of the war against Hamas. "If you choose the path of zealots, dragging the country into the abyss, we will be forced to...

Netanyahu: 'We Have No Other Choice' on Rafah

In sit-down with Dr. Phil, PM says Israel 'will do what we have to do to protect our country'

(Newser) - After President Biden warned earlier this week that the US would halt weapons shipments to Israel if it carried out a ground invasion into the Gaza city of Rafah, Benjamin Netanyahu said he wouldn't be deterred in his mission, noting, "If we have to stand alone, we will...

Netanyahu Responds Defiantly to Biden's Warning

Israel 'will stand alone' if necessary, he says

(Newser) - Benjamin Netanyahu is responding with defiance to a warning from President Biden about an expected invasion of Rafah. After Biden said the US would halt the shipment of offensive weapons to Israel should it go ahead with the ground invasion, Netanyahu issued a video message :
  • "If we have to stand

Israel to Palestinians in Rafah: Get Out

Directive suggests that a ground invasion in southern Gaza city is imminent

(Newser) - The Israeli army on Monday ordered tens of thousands of Palestinians in Gaza's southern city of Rafah to start evacuating from the area, signaling that a long-promised ground invasion there could be imminent. The announcement complicates last-ditch efforts by international mediators, including the director of the CIA, to broker...

Netanyahu Marks Holocaust by Saying Israel Will Fight Alone

Hamas says ceasefire talks ended without either side budging

(Newser) - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday rejected international pressure to halt the war in Gaza in a fiery speech marking Holocaust memorial day, declaring: "If Israel is forced to stand alone, Israel will stand alone." The message, delivered in a setting that typically avoids politics, was aimed at...

Israel Moves to Suspend 'the Hamas Mouthpiece'

Cabinet's decision can shut down Al Jazeera for 45 days

(Newser) - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that his government has voted unanimously to shut down the local offices of Qatar-owned broadcaster Al Jazeera, escalating Israel's long-running feud with the channel at a time when cease-fire negotiations with Hamas—mediated by Qatar—are gaining steam. According to a...

Netanyahu: Israel Will Invade Rafah

Israeli PM promises to do so 'with or without' a ceasefire deal

(Newser) - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged Tuesday to launch an incursion into the southern Gaza city of Rafah, where hundreds of thousands of Palestinians are sheltering from the almost 7-month-long war, just as ceasefire negotiations between Israel and Hamas appear to be gaining steam, the AP reports. Netanyahu said Israel...

International Court May Issue Arrest Warrant for Netanyahu

Leaders of Hamas may get them as well from the ICC

(Newser) - Benjamin Netanyahu appears to be at risk of a major international embarrassment: Israel is worried that the International Criminal Court is about to issue arrest warrants for him and other Israeli leaders for alleged war crimes, report NBC News and the Jerusalem Post . The ICC might also issue warrants for...

Qatar Pressures Israel, Hamas as Biden Lobbies Netanyahu

Ceasefire talks have broken down, mediator says

(Newser) - President Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel spoke on Sunday about reaching a ceasefire agreement under which Hamas would release hostages. US officials said Biden again warned against attacking Rafah in southern Gaza, the New York Times reports, adding that the president reiterated his "clear position....

Biden: Netanyahu Is 'Making a Mistake'

President keeps up the criticism of Israel's war strategy

(Newser) - President Biden continued his criticism of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu's war strategy against Hamas with blunt language in a new interview:
  • "I think what he's doing is a mistake," Biden told the Spanish-language TV network Univision, per Reuters . "I don't agree with his approach.

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