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Dead Dog Loses His Big Honor
Dead Dog Loses
His Big Honor

Dead Dog Loses His Big Honor

Guinness World Records says it can't confirm Bobi really lived to age 31

(Newser) - A dog named Bobi has posthumously lost his claim to fame. The AP reports Guinness World Records has ruled against the Portuguese dog keeping the title of oldest canine ever . Following a review , GWR said Thursday it "no longer has the evidence it needs to support Bobi's claim...

Kids Asking for a Dog Should Cite This Research
Dogs Have a Unique
Impact on Kids' Health

Dogs Have a Unique Impact on Kids' Health

Kids with dogs, especially girls, get more exercise, study shows

(Newser) - Kids lobbying for a pet dog have a new argument to add to their arsenal. A new study published in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity found that children with pet dogs were more active than their pup-free peers. According to NPR , the paper followed 600 pre-school...

Coast Guard Was Inspecting a Port, Noticed Strange Barking

'Connie the Container Dog' was definitely an unexpected surprise

(Newser) - Keen ears on the part of a group of US Coast Guard inspectors led to the rescue last week of a dog trapped in a Texas shipping container. Bryan Wainscott, Ryan McMahon, Lucas Loe, and Jose Reyes were on the job Wednesday at the Port of Houston, randomly selecting containers...

Suspect Held in Theft of Dog That Owner Tried to Save

Los Angeles police are still looking for Ali Zacharias' French bulldog

(Newser) - Los Angeles police have made an arrest in the theft of a French bulldog its owner tried to rescue by clinging to the hood of the getaway car. Sadie Slater, 21, of Los Angeles, was booked on suspicion of robbery and jailed Saturday in lieu of $70,000 bail, per...

Dog Life Expectancies Vary 'Spectacularly' Between Breeds

Small, long-nosed dogs live longest, researchers say

(Newser) - A new study suggests that people seeking a long-lived canine companion should look for a small breed with a prominent nose. The study published in the journal Scientific Reports looked at data on almost 600,000 British dogs from more than 150 breeds, reports the New York Times , which has...

Scientists Have New Theory on Dogs' Tail Wagging
Which Side
of the Body
a Dog Wags
new study

Which Side of the Body a Dog Wags Matters

On the right is more positive, left is more negative, researchers suggest

(Newser) - Dogs wag their tails because they're happy, right? Turns out, it might be because the tail-wagging makes people happy, reports the Washington Post . Or, as the researchers put it in their new study in Biology Letters , we humans have a "proclivity for rhythmic stimuli," and our forebears...

Oldest Verified Dog Ever Turns 31
World's Oldest
Dog May Not
Have Been

World's Oldest Dog May Not Have Been

Guinness World Records has rescinded Bobi's honor as it investigates reported age of 31

(Newser) - Bobi was no doubt a good boy, but he may not have been the oldest known dog in history, after all. Guinness World Records has rescinded the title it bestowed on the dog in Portugal last year, reports CNN . GWR says it is now investigating evidence previously presented asserting that...

Here, Doggy DNA Is Key to a 'Poo Crackdown'

Bolzano province in Italy setting up database to nail pooches pooping in public, with a fine for owners

(Newser) - An Italian province is sick of this crap, and it's not going to take it anymore. A database is being set up in Bolzano, in the northern part of the country, to register DNA info from the region's 40,000 or so dogs, so that when they poop...

Curious Dog Gets Credit for Foiling Gas Explosion

Kobe kept digging in yard, alerting owner in Philadelphia

(Newser) - For all we know, Kobe might have just been trying to get at some tasty spoiled eggs he thought were buried. But whatever his motivation, the 4-year-old husky is credited with preventing a gas leak explosion in Philadelphia, reports USA Today . As owner Chanell Bell explains in an Instagram video...

NBA Player's Stolen Dog Tale Is a 'Christmas Miracle'

After 12 hours of searching, Kelly and Jackie Olynyk reunite woman with dog missing for 4 years

(Newser) - When Utah Jazz player Kelly Olynyk and his wife, Jackie, found a lost dog, it was the start of a 12-hour Christmas Day adventure that would see the couple enjoy dinner in the cold with their new pal and later reunite him with his home after four years. The heartwarming...

For Dogs in South Korea, 'History in the Making'

Production, sales of dog meat banned as of 2027, enraging dog farmers

(Newser) - South Korea's Parliament on Tuesday passed a landmark ban on production and sales of dog meat, as public calls for a prohibition have grown sharply over concerns about animal rights and the country's international image. Some angry dog farmers said they plan to challenge the bill's constitutionality...

Animal Shelter Sends Out SOS in Cold Snap, City Responds

Polish shelter had 300 dogs, and not all could fit inside, so it appealed to the public

(Newser) - With a deep freeze approaching, an animal shelter in Krakow, Poland, sent out an urgent appeal to people to adopt or at least temporarily shelter some of its dogs until the dangerous cold spell passed. The result of what it called "Operation Frost" took the shelter workers by surprise....

Their Dog Ate $4K in Cash. Salvaging It Was 'Smelly'

Pittsburgh couple retrieved all but $450 after collecting dog poop for days

(Newser) - "I never thought I'd be able to say I've laundered money, but there is apparently a first time for everything," says Pittsburgh woman Carrie Law. Carrie and her husband Clayton had to wash and tape together cash salvaged from dog poop after Cecil, their 7-year-old goldendoodle,...

This Dog With a 'Smile' Just Got Into American Kennel Club

The Lancashire heeler will now be permitted to compete against other breeds at dog shows

(Newser) - It's small in stature, big on activity, and known for a "smile," and it's ready to compete with 200 other dog breeds. Say hello to the Lancashire heeler, the latest breed recognized by the American Kennel Club, per the AP . The organization announced Wednesday that the...

As Man Walked His Dog, the Moose Charged 'Without Notice'

Both owner and canine appear to be fine after tussle with creature along an Alaskan trail

(Newser) - Man's best friend has proved its worth once again, this time in the Last Frontier. A local man taking his dog for a walk in the Tsalteshi Trails system in Soldotna was attacked by a moose on Dec. 18, though his injuries were thankfully non-life-threatening, Alaska State Troopers say...

'True Miracle' Arrives at Animal Shelter for the Holidays

Pennsylvania-based SPCA announces it has no more dogs at facility, for first time in 47 years

(Newser) - In what staff is calling a "true miracle," a Pennsylvania animal shelter has some good news for Christmas: Before the long holiday weekend, it had a grand total of zero dogs housed within its walls. CNN reports on the impressive accomplishment of the Adams County SPCA, which noted...

Most Dogs Have Brown Eyes for a Reason
Most Dogs Have Brown
Eyes for a Reason
new study

Most Dogs Have Brown Eyes for a Reason

Humans think dark-eyed dogs are friendlier and influenced their evolution, study suggests

(Newser) - A new study claims to have answered the question of why most dogs have brown eyes, reports the Guardian . In a new paper at Royal Society Open Science , researchers in Japan make the case that humans view dark-eyed dogs as friendlier, even if subconsciously. In comparison, their wild wolf cousins...

This Could Be Behind 'Mystery' Dog Illnesses
Mysterious Dog
Illnesses May Have
in case you missed it

Mysterious Dog Illnesses May Have Straightforward Explanation

Common ailments may be to blame

(Newser) - A wave of canine respiratory illness across at least 16 states has many people concerned about a "mystery" ailment affecting dogs—but experts who spoke to the New York Times say the explanation could be a lot more simple. There's little to no evidence of a "new...

Elusive Tire Slasher Turned Out to Be a Dog

Billy had police stumped for a while

(Newser) - Police in the small Italian village of Vastogirardi were stumped—someone kept slashing the tires of cars parked near the village center, reports the Guardian . Undercover officers failed to spot the culprit, but newly installed cameras managed to do so last week: The slasher is a dog named Billy. "...

No One Knows Why Dogs Are Contracting Mystery Illness

Veterinary laboratories are looking into canine respiratory sickness popping up in multiple states

(Newser) - Veterinary laboratories in several states are investigating an unusual respiratory illness in dogs and encouraging people to take basic precautions to keep their pets healthy as veterinarians try to pin down what's making the animals sick. Oregon, Colorado, and New Hampshire are among the states that have seen cases...

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