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Pelosi: Here's Why I Ripped Up Trump's Speech

Speaker of the House defends her controversial State of the Union moment

(Newser) - The Trump-Pelosi speech-ripping feud continues. Nancy Pelosi said during her weekly news conference Thursday that she basically had to tear up her copy of President Trump's State of the Union address , Roll Call reports: "I tore up a manifesto of mistruths," she said, and those falsehoods (she... More »

Trump Loves These Morning Headlines

He shows off newspapers at National Prayer Breakfast

(Newser) - President Trump plans to make a post-acquittal statement Thursday afternoon, but he couldn't resist celebrating the outcome of his impeachment trial in the morning at the annual National Prayer Breakfast. Soon after entering the room at the Washington Hilton, Trump held up the front pages of USA Today and... More »

7 Reactions to Pelosi Ripping Up Trump's Speech

From 'effective' to 'a disgrace'

(Newser) - There's no arguing that Nancy Pelosi's dramatic tearing of President Trump's State of the Union speech grabbed attention, headlines, and TV time. But that's just about where the agreement ends: The ripping is sparking divisive opinions. We cover a few of those:
  • Trump himself: Talking Points
... More »

Pelosi Rips Up Trump's SOTU Speech

It was 'the courteous thing to do given the alternative,' she says

(Newser) - Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer was chosen to deliver the official Democratic response to President Trump's State of the Union address—but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi delivered an unofficial one first. After the president finished speaking, Pelosi took the copy of the speech she had been provided and ripped it... More »

Pelosi Says McConnell Humiliated Roberts

After witness vote, speaker says seeing chief justice preside made it 'a sad day for America'

(Newser) - The Senate vote Friday against permitting more testimony or documents in the impeachment trial did more than put President Trump on the fast track to acquittal, Nancy Pelosi says; it forced John Roberts into a bad place. "It is a sad day for America to see Senator McConnell humiliate... More »

Impeachment Is Now in Hands of the Senate

House votes to send 2 articles

(Newser) - Onto the Senate. The House on Wednesday voted to send two articles of impeachment to the Senate, clearing the way for its delayed trial to begin. The move came after Nancy Pelosi chose seven Democratic members of the House to act as impeachment managers. The articles of impeachment against President... More »

Pelosi Ends Blockade on Articles of Impeachment

Sources say the House will vote Wednesday

(Newser) - The House is preparing to vote Wednesday to send the articles of impeachment against President Trump to the Senate to start the historic trial, several people tell the AP . Speaker Nancy Pelosi was meeting privately Tuesday at the Capitol with House Democrats about next steps, ending her blockade almost a... More »

Defense Sec. 'Didn't See' Rationale for Trump's Big Move

And other quotes around the Sunday dial

(Newser) - Was there a rationale for killing Iran's top general? Defense Secretary Mark Esper seemed to convey mixed messages Sunday on that hot-button topic, the New York Times reports. On CBS' Face the Nation, Esper cast some doubt on President Trump's claim that he ordered Maj. Gen. Qassim Soleimani'... More »

Pelosi: We'll Move on Impeachment Next Week

House speaker ready to end standoff

(Newser) - The impeachment limbo is apparently near an end. Nancy Pelosi signaled Friday that the House will send articles of impeachment to the Senate next week, reports Politico . "I have asked Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler to be prepared to bring to the Floor next week a resolution to appoint... More »

Pelosi Won't Be Hurried on Articles of Impeachment

Speaker says she'll send them to the Senate 'when I'm ready'

(Newser) - With pressure building for her to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate for President Trump's trial, Nancy Pelosi said Thursday she'll take that step "when I'm ready." At a press conference, the House speaker added, "that will probably be soon." The... More »

Fight Over War Powers Looms in Congress

Pelosi says vote will be held Thursday

(Newser) - Iran and the US appear to have stepped back from the brink of war—but congressional Democrats still want to make sure President Trump's ability to take action against the country is reined in. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Wednesday that the chamber will vote Thursday on a war... More »

Graham: Let's Change Senate Impeachment Rules

Senator and Trump ally wants to begin trial quickly, even if Pelosi won't budge

(Newser) - Sen. Lindsey Graham wants to get the impeachment trial over with as quickly as possible, and he's suggesting changing the Senate rules if Nancy Pelosi continues to hold things up. Pelosi still has not formally given the Senate the two articles of impeachment passed by the House, and the... More »

Trump Takes a Jab at Pelosi From Florida

Says she's 'breaking all the rules' in not handing over the articles of impeachment

(Newser) - President Trump is spending two weeks at his Mar-a-Lago resort, but he's not totally leaving DC behind. On Monday morning he took to Twitter to rail against Nancy Pelosi and his impeachment, writing , "Pelosi gives us the most unfair trial in the history of the US Congress, and... More »

Trump Accepts Pelosi's Invitation

State of the Union address scheduled for Feb. 4

(Newser) - Impeachment or not, Nancy Pelosi has invited President Trump to visit the House to deliver his next State of the Union address. And Trump has accepted. Her letter was sent Friday, Politico reports. The invitation could imply that the speaker expects Trump to still be in office on Feb. 4,... More »

Pelosi Threatens to Delay Trump Trial

She wants to see a 'fair process' in the Senate

(Newser) - After Bill Clinton was impeached by the House on Dec. 19, 1998, his trial in the Senate began 19 days later. Andrew Johnson's Senate trial started 10 days after he was impeached in 1868. With President Trump, the gap will be longer—possibly a lot longer. In what Politico... More »

Trump Sends Pelosi an 'Extraordinary' Letter

He registers his objections to impeachment over 6 pages

(Newser) - Nancy Pelosi was on the receiving end of what the Washington Post calls an "extraordinary letter" written by President Trump. Over six pages that you can read in full here , he voices his "strongest and most powerful protest" against impeachment, writing that "this impeachment represents an unprecedented... More »

Pelosi Hands Trump a Victory on Trade

New North American trade deal is imminent

(Newser) - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday announced agreement on a modified North American trade pact, handing President Trump a major Capitol Hill win on the same day that Democrats announced impeachment charges against him, per the AP . Crediting Democratic negotiators for winning stronger provisions on enforcing the agreement, Pelosi said... More »

Democrats Make Their Historic Move on Trump

They unveil 2 articles of impeachment

(Newser) - Tuesday brought another historic milestone in the impeachment process against President Trump. Nancy Pelosi and Democratic leaders unveiled two articles of impeachment against the president—abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, reports the Hill . Trump, meanwhile, lashed out in a morning tweet. "To Impeach a President who has... More »

Trump Mocks Pelosi's 'Nervous Fit' With Reporter

House speakers insists she does not 'hate' the president

(Newser) - Thursday morning, President Trump challenged House Democrats to impeach him quickly so he could be cleared in the Senate. Soon after, Nancy Pelosi obliged by shifting the proceedings into an important new phase—the House will begin drafting articles of impeachment. Trump responded by saying Democrats want to "impeach... More »

Pelosi: We're Moving Ahead on Impeachment

'The president leaves us no choice but to act'

(Newser) - The House is formally moving ahead with impeachment—and that timeline is just fine with President Trump. Nancy Pelosi on Thursday announced that the House will draft articles of impeachment against the president. "The facts are uncontested," she said, per CBS News . "The president abused his power... More »

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