New York City

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This Is the Best Big City in the US

Virginia Beach is No. 1 in WalletHub ranking

(Newser) - All big cities have problems. Some are just able to "tackle their problems and emphasize their strengths more efficiently than others," according to WalletHub , which rounds up the best US cities to call home with populations over 300,000. Three of the top 10 cities—based on affordability,... More »

Lights Back on in Manhattan

Transformer fire affects over 73K customers, officials say

(Newser) - Authorities restored electricity to Manhattan late Saturday following a power outage that knocked out Times Square's towering electronic screens and darkened marquees on Broadway and left businesses without electricity, elevators stuck, and subway cars stalled, the AP reports. The New York City Fire Department said a transformer fire Saturday... More »

Puerto Rico Governor Called NYC Official a 'Whore'

Ricardo Rossello apologizes

(Newser) - Puerto Rico's governor apologized Thursday for profanity-laced comments he made in a private chat to describe a former New York City government official and a federal control board overseeing the island's finances. Ricardo Rosselló said he was working 18-hour days and releasing tensions when he called former New... More »

A 'Moral' Change Kicks Off World Cup Parade

Equal pay is now law in New York

(Newser) - There was more to celebrate than soccer Wednesday at the ticker-tape parade for the World Cup-winning US women's soccer team. Just before the event began at 9:30am local time, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced new state legislation, which "eliminates a gender discrimination loophole regarding pay between... More »

Doctors Protested as NYPD Shackled Her During Labor

City settles with 'Jane Doe' for $610K

(Newser) - A pregnant Bronx woman "never struggled, resisted, or acted in any way that would even remotely support the use of restraints" while she was in police custody last year, a lawsuit says—but she was still forced to go through a difficult labor with handcuffs on her wrists and... More »

10 Best, Worst Cities to Celebrate July 4

The Big Apple promises the best time, while San Bernardino falls last

(Newser) - Tomorrow is Independence Day, meaning you still have time to get to where the best celebrations are going to be. WalletHub tries to suss those out for you, looking at the 100 most populous cities in the nation across five major categories: affordability, attractions and activities, safety and accessibility, the... More »

Pharrell's Gift to These Grads: a 'Steppingstone' to Greatness

Singer vows to line up 114 internships by next summer

(Newser) - Pharrell Williams sure knows how to make people "happy." The Grammy-winning singer-producer stunned graduates of Harlem Children's Zone Promise Academy charter schools in New York during a keynote speech last week, announcing he'll line up "A-list internships" for all 114 of them—each of whom... More »

The 'Rainbow Experiment' Went Wrong. Now, a $60M Payout

Ex-high school student Alonzo Yanes suffered 3rd-degree burns over 30% of his body

(Newser) - Anna Poole was simply trying to show her high school chemistry class the "Rainbow Experiment," which illustrates how mineral salts change color when an accelerant, usually methanol, is poured on. But the 2014 experiment went wrong, one of her students was severely burned by the resulting fireball, and... More »

The Best- and Worst-Run Cities in America

Nampa, Idaho, is No. 1, and Washington, DC, is last in WalletHub ranking

(Newser) - The best-run city in the US isn't exactly a household name. Nampa, Idaho, gets the honor in a new ranking from WalletHub . The site ranked 150 of the nation's largest cities (including Washington, DC) on a range of factors, including financial stability, education, health, safety, infrastructure, and pollution.... More »

Parades in NYC, Other Big Cities All Commemorate This 1969 Event

It's the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, which sparked modern gay-rights movement

(Newser) - As Pride Month comes to a close, New York threw a massive LGBTQ Pride March, as other cities, including San Francisco, Chicago, and Seattle, also hosted parades commemorating the 50th anniversary of the clash between police and gay bar patrons that sparked the modern gay-rights movement. New York's Pride... More »

Developers Dig Up 19th-Century Body —Which Changes Everything

The New York City parcel was once a black burial ground

(Newser) - A plot of land in New York City is rich in black history. It's also worth millions of dollars. And that combination has developers trying to satisfy a church that has final say over the former African American burial ground, the New York Times reports. "It has been... More »

Man Allegedly Killed Dad Who Cut Weekly Allowance to $300

Lawyers for Thomas Gilbert Jr. say he's mentally ill

(Newser) - Thomas Gilbert Jr. has lived a privileged life. The son of a millionaire hedge-fund founder, he grew up among the rich and well-connected in Manhattan before graduating from Princeton with an economics degree. But rather than follow in dad's footsteps, he lived on a $1,000 weekly allowance from... More »

Police 'All Come Running' Over Tasteless Prank

Find in New York park sparked huge investigation

(Newser) - New Yorkers went from horror to disbelief Tuesday when an apparent dead baby turned out to be a discarded doll, NBC New York reports. Emergency responders declared the "child" dead before 8am in a Queens park, triggering the arrival of at least 100 cops who pitched a crime-scene tent... More »

Trump Won't Apologize to Central Park Five

'They admitted their guilt,' he says

(Newser) - Thirty years after he bought full-page newspaper ads calling for the return of the death penalty in the wake of the Central Park Five case, President Trump refused to apologize to the five young men exonerated in 2002—and suggested they might still be guilty. When reporter April Ryan asked... More »

Cop Suicide Crisis Gets Even Worse

The NYPD must be reeling after a third suicide this month

(Newser) - Hard to believe, but a third NYPD officer has committed suicide in less than 10 days. Officer Michael Caddy shot himself in a car near the 121st Precinct stationhouse on Staten Island at about 3:45pm on Friday, leaving behind a wife and child, the New York Daily News reports.... More »

NYC Helicopter Pilot 'Shouldn't Have Flown'

FAA says he wasn't rated to fly in poor visibility

(Newser) - Tim McCormack, the helicopter pilot who died in a crash-landing atop a Manhattan high-rise Monday, shouldn't have been in the air at all in that afternoon's cloudy weather conditions, the Federal Aviation Administration says. An FAA spokeswoman says the 58-year-old was not "instrument rated," meaning he... More »

9/11 Victim IDed, 18 Years Later

Man's name being withheld

(Newser) - A previously unknown victim of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center finally has a name. We just don't know it yet. According to the New York City Medical Examiner, DNA testing of remains recovered in 2013 has confirmed a man as the 1,643rd victim to be... More »

Brother: Pilot Saved 'Countless Lives' With NYC Crash

He apparently wanted to avoid hitting people on the street

(Newser) - When a helicopter crash-landed on a Manhattan building Monday, it brought back unsettling memories of the 9/11 attacks for many New Yorkers—but officials say it appears that the pilot was doing his best to avoid killing people. Pilot Tim McCormack was killed in the crash-landing on the roof of... More »

Fatal Helicopter Crash on NYC Roof Alarms the City

Pilot was killed, no one else injured

(Newser) - A helicopter crash-landed on the roof of a midtown Manhattan skyscraper Monday, killing the pilot and briefly unnerving the city, the AP reports. The crash happened at around 2pm in a steady rain and clouds that obscured the roof of the 750-foot AXA Equitable building. Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who spoke... More »

What New York Residents Fear Is Old and Underground

In one neighborhood, tourists are fighting over what may be a toxic site

(Newser) - Residents of a historic New York City neighborhood have two fears—toxic mercury and over-development—and they're combined at the former site of a 19th-century factory, the New York Times reports. South Street Seaport, a low-rise area now popular with tourists, once included a thermometer factory at 250 Water... More »

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