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Denmark Locks Down After Virus Mutates in Mink

'We must knock down completely this virus variant'

(Newser) - Denmark has strengthened a lockdown in the north of the country, where a mutated version of the coronavirus has spread from minks to humans . Starting Friday, bars, restaurants, and public transport will be shut down in seven North Jutland regions with a combined population of around 280,000, the BBC...

Denmark: COVID Mutation Has Spread From Minks to Humans

Country plans to cull 15M animals

(Newser) - Denmark says it plans to kill all farmed mink in the country, at least 15 million animals, rather than take any chances with a mutated version of the coronavirus. Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen warned Wednesday that according to a government report, a version of the virus spreading from minks to...

Killer Peter Madsen Escapes Prison
Killer Peter Madsen
Escapes Prison

Killer Peter Madsen Escapes Prison

Inventor convicted in journalist's brutal murder is apprehended a short distance away on Tuesday

(Newser) - A Danish man convicted of killing a journalist aboard his homemade submarine in a case that shocked Scandinavia managed to escape from prison on Tuesday—though he was apprehended soon after. Peter Madsen, serving life in prison for the 2017 murder of Kim Wall, escaped from Herstedvester Prison near Copenhagen...

COVID Threatens to Wipe Out One Nation's Huge Mink Industry

Denmark will cull at least 2.5M animals because of a coronavirus outbreak on farms

(Newser) - Danish veterinarians and farmers have begun culling at least 2.5 million minks in Denmark after the coronavirus showed up in at least 63 farms. The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration is handling the culling of the infected animals, while breeders who have noninfected minks on a farm within 5...

Peter Madsen Finally Admits He Killed Kim Wall

Danish inventor has previously maintained journalist's death was an accident

(Newser) - A Danish court determined Peter Madsen killed Swedish journalist Kim Wall in August 2017. Now Madsen has verified that fact. The Guardian reports the 49-year-old has for the first time admitted killed Wall, who he long maintained had died accidentally on the submarine he built. The confession came in a...

Looking to Raise a Family? These 10 Nations Are Tops

The US doesn't make the cut—in fact, it's got a dismal ranking

(Newser) - No one's able to go much of anywhere at the moment , but one day, when the pandemic is over, you may be on the hunt for the best place to settle down and have kids. Travel and family journalism website Asher & Lyric did the legwork for us, sifting...

A Black Man's Brutal Murder Causes Pause in Denmark

Officials say Phillip Mbuji Johansen's killing wasn't a race-based crime; many disagree

(Newser) - One of the two white men suspected of torturing and killing a black man in Denmark has the words "white power” and a swastika tattooed on his legs, yet prosecutors have said "skin color" played no role in the crime. It's a determination that has rankled many...

In Denmark, Some Weird News for the Lovelorn

Nation will allow in foreigners to visit partners, but they need proof of their love at border

(Newser) - Love, pandemic-style: Denmark will start allowing people from neighboring nations to cross the border to visit their boyfriends or girlfriends. One weird catch: At the border, they essentially have to prove their love. "They can bring along a photo or a love letter," a police official told Danish...

World's 'Best Restaurant' Has a New Menu—for $15

Owner René Redzepi turns Noma into an affordable wine bar

(Newser) - Noma wasn't affordable to most earthlings—until now. The innovative and expensive Danish restaurant is reopening next week with a whole new menu costing just $15 a person, the LA Times reports. In other words, Noma is ditching its roughly $400 meals (think dried fruit stuffed with pollen, or...

'It Is a New World' as Children Return to Class

Denmark gently reopens schools for younger children

(Newser) - Denmark made headlines this week by reopening some of its schools—making it a laboratory for other countries that want to get things rolling again, the New York Times reports. So far, Denmark is allowing younger students back amid restrictions, like having desks six feet apart. "It is a...

Lighthouse Was 660 Feet From Coast. Now, 20 Feet

That means Tuesday is moving day for Denmark's Rubjerg Knude: 'Many things can go wrong'

(Newser) - A 120-year-old lighthouse has been put on wheels and rails to attempt to move it Tuesday some 265 feet away from the North Sea, which has been eroding the coastline of northwestern Denmark. When the 76-foot-tall Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse was first lit in 1900, it was roughly 660 feet from...

Nation's Last 4 Circus Elephants Just Got Good News

Denmark will pay to send them into a comfy retirement

(Newser) - Ramboline, Lara, Djunga, and Jenny should be jumping for joy with the news that Denmark's last four circus elephants are now government property. The country's Ministry of Environment and Food has paid two circuses the equivalent of $1.6 million to acquire the elephants, reports the BBC . Their...

Senator: We Shouldn't Give Up on Buying Greenland

Tom Cotton says Trump is 'crazy like a fox'

(Newser) - President Trump was widely derided for his attempt to buy Greenland, but Sen. Tom Cotton is keeping the faith—possibly because he is believed to be the one who gave Trump the idea in the first place . In a New York Times op-ed, the Republican argues that Trump is "...

This Might Be How the 'Buy Greenland' Controversy Started

Sen. Tom Cotton says he floated the idea months ago

(Newser) - Seems President Trump didn't come up with "let's buy Greenland" all on his own. Speaking at a Talk Business & Politics event in Arkansas, Sen. Tom Cotton said he looked into a possible purchase months ago and asked the Danish ambassador about it. "Obviously, the right...

Trump: &#39;I Am the Chosen One&#39;
Trump: 'I Am the Chosen One'
the rundown

Trump: 'I Am the Chosen One'

The president also lands verbal blows outside the White House

(Newser) - President Trump got a little temperamental with reporters Wednesday and appeared to compare himself—however casually—with the savior in the Christian tradition, the Hill reports. The exchange outside the White House was fueled by criticism of his thoughts on the economy and gun control, his remarks about Jewish Democrats...

Trump Axes Denmark Trip After Greenland Idea Called 'Absurd'

He previously claimed state visit was unrelated

(Newser) - President Trump has called off a planned trip to Denmark because Prime Minster Mette Frederiksen has rejected the idea of selling him 98% of the kingdom's territory. After Trump confirmed that he had been considering a "large real estate deal" to make the semi-autonomous island part of the...

Trump Shares His Thoughts on Trying to Buy Greenland

President says 'essentially it's a large real estate deal'

(Newser) - The report that President Trump was toying with the idea of trying to buy Greenland was confirmed as fact , not fiction, by White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow on Sunday. Then, straight from the horse's mouth: The Guardian reports Trump on Sunday told reporters "the concept came up,...

Greenland to US on Rumored &#39;Sale&#39;: It&#39;s a No From Us
Responds to 
Rumor Trump
Wants to Buy It

Greenland Responds to Rumor Trump Wants to Buy It

'We are open for business, but we're not for sale'

(Newser) - Yet another US president has had his dreams to scoop up Greenland quashed. Donald Trump joins Harry S. Truman and Andrew Johnson in being informed such a purchase is not going to happen after all, despite reports that Trump had indeed mulled the idea last spring at buying the semi-autonomous...

Report: President Trump Wants to Buy Greenland

'Do you think it would work?' he asked associates

(Newser) - President Trump has been talking about buying an island that could become America's biggest—and least populous—state, insiders say. Sources tell the Wall Street Journal that the president has repeatedly asked advisers "with varying degrees of seriousness" about the possibility of buying Greenland from Denmark. One insider...

These Little Insects Are Europe&#39;s New Plague
Millions of Insects Are
Spreading Toxin-Filled Hairs
in case you missed it

Millions of Insects Are Spreading Toxin-Filled Hairs

And European officials are trying to cope

(Newser) - First came the heat . Now Europeans are battling a nasty caterpillar infestation that spreads everything from allergic reactions to rashes to asthma attacks. Millions of the little creatures have made life harder for people in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, and Denmark, thanks to the insects' toxin-filled hairs—which can ride...

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