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First Lady Plans Campaign Trip to Pennsylvania

Melania Trump will be making her first speech on the road since 2019

(Newser) - Melania Trump has scheduled her first campaign trip in more than a year for Tuesday—an appearance in Pennsylvania, where polls show her husband trailing Democrat Joe Biden. She'll attend an event in Atglen with former White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, Fox News reports. The first lady delivered a... More »

Trump Plans Frenetic Push in Final Week

President aims to hit nearly a dozen states

(Newser) - President Trump plans to intensify an already breakneck travel schedule in the final full week of the presidential campaign, overlooking a surge of coronavirus cases in the US and a fresh outbreak in his own White House , per the AP . Trump is expected to hit nearly a dozen states in... More »

Fistfights Break Out at Bloody Trump Rally

Counter-protesters clash with 'Jews for Trump' convoy in Manhattan

(Newser) - Brawls broke out in the streets of New York City on Sunday as a pro-Trump convoy clashed with counter-protesters and cops scrambled to make arrests, TMZ reports. It began when a long parade of cars and trucks calling itself "Jews for Trump" moved through the city and was hit... More »

Trump: 'I Can't Help' Some GOP Senators

Keeping the Senate in the election is 'very tough,' he tells donors

(Newser) - Behind closed doors, President Trump has told GOP donors that Republicans will have a hard time holding onto their Senate majority in the election, and that he won't do all he can to help. "The Senate is very tough,” Trump said. "There are a couple senators... More »

Trump: 'We're Rounding the Turn'

President mocks Biden for sounding alarm on virus spike

(Newser) - President Trump assured supporters packed shoulder to shoulder at a trio of rallies Saturday that “we’re rounding the turn” on the coronavirus and mocked Joe Biden for raising alarms about the pandemic, despite surging cases around the country and more positive infections at the White House. Trump’s... More »

Trump: It Was an 'Honor' to Vote for a 'Guy Named Trump'

Joe Biden tells supporters that 'we don't want to become superspreaders'

(Newser) - President Trump said he voted Saturday "for a guy named Trump" and called it an "honor" to cast his own ballot in his adopted home state of Florida before he jetted off to campaign in three battleground states, where large crowds awaited even as coronavirus cases are surging... More »

Biden's Oil Remarks Are Resonating

Conservatives pounce, and even some Democrats push back to defend industry

(Newser) - Peggy Noonan isn't counting President Trump out, and she points to a Gallup result showing that 56% of Americans say they're personally better off than they were four years ago. Factors like that could yet lift Trump to re-election, she writes in the Wall Street Journal . But really,... More »

Some Notable Lines From Final Debate

Biden promises to bring 'BidenCare'

(Newser) - The second presidential debate was a marked changed from the first one, with few interruptions as the candidates covered a range of topics, including COVID and corruption . Late in the forum, President Trump sought to score points on energy by asking Joe Biden if he would shut down the oil... More »

Trump Tests New Nickname for Biden

Calls rival 'the big man' while alleging unethical business deals

(Newser) - President Trump again pressed his case during Thursday night's debate that Joe and Hunter Biden acted unethically in regard to Hunter's business dealings. At one point, he referred to the elder Biden as "the big man" and suggested that he has orchestrated global deals that were enriching... More »

Trump Brings Notable Special Guest to Debate

He invites Hunter Biden's former business partner to final showdown

(Newser) - The second and final debate between President Trump and Joe Biden is underway, this time with one big rule change : A candidate's mic can be muted to ensure his rival can speak. In the first half hour, however, the tone has been civil relative to the first debate.
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See the Moment Trump Ends 60 Minutes Interview

He accuses the show of 'bias' and 'hatred' in releasing the full video

(Newser) - President Trump has released the full video of his interview with Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes, the one he cut short and has derided as unfair. "Look at the bias, hatred and rudeness on behalf of 60 Minutes and CBS," Trump wrote in his caption for the video.... More »

That 'Proud Boys' Email Is Really From Iran: US Officials

And Tehran and Moscow have apparently obtained US voter information

(Newser) - Iran is responsible for emails meant to intimidate American voters and sow unrest in multiple states, and Tehran and Moscow have also obtained voter registration with the goal of interfering in the election, US officials said at a rare news conference Wednesday night just two weeks before the vote. John... More »

How Trump's Political Operation Plowed Through $1B

'10 monkeys with flamethrowers' couldn't have done worse

(Newser) - President Donald Trump’s sprawling political operation has raised well over $1 billion since he took the White House in 2017—and set a lot of it on fire. Trump bought a $10 million Super Bowl ad when he didn’t yet have a challenger. He tapped his political organization... More »

Florida Cop Faces Suspension for Trump Mask

Miami officer will be disciplined, officials say

(Newser) - A Miami police officer who wore a Trump campaign mask at a voting station will be disciplined, the mayor says. "There were people claiming it was voter intimidation," Mayor Francis Suarez says, per Fox News . "Officers have a responsibility … to protect our residents and they have... More »

Biden, Trump in Dead Heat in One Battleground State

North Carolina is essentially tied

(Newser) - North Carolina's 15 electors could go either way in the presidential race, a new poll shows, with people who think the economy is the main issue leaning toward President Trump, and people who consider it to be the coronavirus pandemic backing Joe Biden. A Washington Post-ABC News poll found... More »

USA Today Breaks With Tradition on 2020 Race

Newspaper makes its very first presidential endorsement, and it picks Joe Biden

(Newser) - USA Today does not endorse presidential candidates. Or least it didn't, until Tuesday. The newspaper broke with its own tradition and officially backed Joe Biden. "If this were a choice between two capable major party nominees who happened to have opposing ideas, we wouldn't choose sides,... More »

Jokes About 2020 Race Are a Wee Bit One-Sided

Of 469 late-night jokes, 455 were about Trump

(Newser) - What on earth will late-night hosts do if Joe Biden wins in two weeks? An AP story illustrates the problem. A study out of George Mason University counted jokes told about the 2020 race in September by Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon. Out of 469, 455 were about Trump, leaving... More »

Trump Doesn't Like Debate Rule, but He'll Participate

Candidates' microphones will be muted at times, to prevent interruptions

(Newser) - President Trump won't be able to interrupt Joe Biden this time around—at least, not for the first two minutes of each of the six debate segments Thursday night. The nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates has changed its rules so that each candidate will get those two minutes of... More »

One Emerging Factor May Help Trump's Chances

GOP voter registration is up in battleground states

(Newser) - The polls continue to show Joe Biden with a steady lead nationally and in most battleground states, and the AP notes that President Trump himself has been publicly speculating about losing in November. Biden's campaign, meanwhile, is busy warning Democrats about over-confidence. The race is a "lot closer"... More »

Trump Getting Very Specific Advice for Upcoming Debate

Advisers want him to let Joe Biden speak more

(Newser) - The final debate between President Trump and Joe Biden takes place Thursday night, and the president's team suggests viewers will see a different tone from him. The key part of the plan is for Trump to interrupt Joe Biden less often , reports Politico . "I do think that President... More »

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