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Kamala Harris Will Campaign With a Beyonce Song

New presidential candidate gets use of 'Freedom'

(Newser) - Beyoncé hasn't endorsed Kamala Harris as a presidential candidate, but she's giving her free rein to use her song "Freedom" on the campaign trail. As CNN reports, the favorite to replace President Biden at the top of the Democratic ticket walked out to the hit at her...

Two More Endorsements, Plus a Prediction

Schumer, Jeffries endorse Harris, and Jeffries privately tells House Democrats she will win

(Newser) - The drama is all but gone from the Democratic race, but Kamala Harris picked up two more notable endorsements on Tuesday: Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer and House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries—the top two Democrats in Congress—formally backed her, reports the Hill . Politico reports that the two were...

Democrats Are Happy, but Harris Is Still the Underdog

She'll need to make a name for herself, win over non-college voters, says Andrew Prokop

(Newser) - There's a lot of excitement among Democrats surrounding Vice President Kamala Harris' campaign for president. But even with a huge fundraising haul and the apparent support of Gen Z , the likely Democratic nominee is the clear underdog, writes Vox political correspondent Andrew Prokop. Pouring cold water on the newfound...

Biden to Give Oval Office Address on Wednesday
Biden Will Speak Wednesday

Biden Will Speak Wednesday

President will speak on 'what lies ahead' and how he plans to 'finish the job'

(Newser) - President Biden will address the nation from the Oval Office on Wednesday evening on his decision to drop his 2024 Democratic reelection bid . Biden posted on X that he would speak "on what lies ahead" and how he will "finish the job for the American people." He...

Are Democrats Blowing It? Two Views That Say Yes

Graeme Wood and Ross Douthat argue the fast coronation of Kamala Harris is a mistake

(Newser) - Democrats have so quickly united behind Kamala Harris that the new race to see who will be the nominee appears to be over almost as quickly as it started. Big mistake, writes Graeme Wood in the Atlantic . "The error is not the choice of Kamala Harris," writes Wood....

Harris Has Support of the 1,976 Delegates She Needs
Democratic Race
May Already Be Over

Democratic Race May Already Be Over

Kamala Harris the the support of enough delegates, though things could change

(Newser) - Vice President Kamala Harris has secured the support of enough Democratic delegates to become her party's nominee against Donald Trump, according to an AP survey. Several state delegations met late Monday to confirm their support for Harris, including Texas and her home state of California. By Monday night, Harris...

Colorado Gov.: If They Need a 'Balding, Gay Jew,' I'm the Guy

And more on potential running mates for the likely Democratic nominee

(Newser) - As speculation swirls around who Kamala Harris might choose as a running mate should she become the Democratic presidential nominee, a couple potential picks are weighing in. Asked by CNN if he'd consider running with Harris, Colorado Gov. Jared Polis said he'd give the idea "a serious...

Biden Makes First Public Comments Since Stepping Aside

Says he's 'not going anywhere,' will remain 'fully engaged'

(Newser) - President Biden says he's "determined to get as much done" as he possibly can in his final six months in the White House as he tries to beat back a defining force that his lame-duck predecessors struggled to vanquish: diminished relevance. "I'm still going to be...

A Harris Strategy May Boil Down to 3 Words

A Harris
May Boil Down
to 3 Words
the rundown

A Harris Strategy May Boil Down to 3 Words

'Prosecutor versus felon'

(Newser) - As Kamala Harris consolidates her position to be the Democratic nominee in quick fashion, strategists in both parties already are feeling out what a race between the vice president and Donald Trump might look like. Coverage:
  • Three words: A story at CNN based on interviews with more than a dozen

George Conway Trolls His Famous Ex Over Harris

After Kellyanne bashes Kamala Harris, he calls out her comment in dry response

(Newser) - So why did Kellyanne and George Conway split up ? One big reason might be illustrated in a new tweet from George Conway, a fierce critic of Donald Trump.
  • Kellyanne: The former White House adviser to Trump went on Fox News Sunday and delivered a rather personal critique of Vice

Pelosi's Awaited Endorsement of Harris Arrives

Former House speaker writes of her 'immense pride' in backing the vice president

(Newser) - One of the top Democrats who had remained notably silent over the past day about a Kamala Harris endorsement is silent no more. Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Monday fully backed the vice president, reports the AP . "Today, it is with immense pride and limitless optimism for our...

What Other World Leaders Are Saying About Biden

Reactions are largely laudatory, but somewhat measured

(Newser) - The rest of the world is also wrapping its head around what just happened in the 2024 presidential race. A roundup of comments from world leaders about President Biden's decision to step aside in the 2024 election:
  • Britain: Recently elected PM Keir Starmer called Biden's decision "based

Harris Makes First Public Remarks of New Race

'We are deeply grateful' for Biden's service, she says at White House

(Newser) - The vice president delivering remarks at the White House at an event for NCAA championship athletes might not typically get much attention. But this is no ordinary Monday, of course. In her first public remarks since President Biden dropped out of the 2024 race , Kamala Harris lavished praise on him:...

Another Would-Be Challenger Backs Harris
Challengers to Harris
Are Dropping Like Flies

Challengers to Harris Are Dropping Like Flies

Govs. Andy Beshear, Getchen Whitmer, and JB Pritzker say they won't run for nomination

(Newser) - Kamala Harris hasn't locked down the Democratic nomination, but the list of potential challengers continues to shrink quickly. On Monday morning, Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear told the Morning Joe show that he wouldn't run, reports the Hill . "The vice president is smart and strong, which will make...

Manchin Considers Re-Registering as Democrat

Joe Manchin
Shoots Down
of a Run

Joe Manchin Shoots Down Rumors of a Run

Independent senator denies speculation that he might seek the Democratic nomination

(Newser) - Joe Manchin has quickly sought to squelch speculation that he would challenge Kamala Harris in becoming the Democratic nominee. "I'm not running for office," the senator from West Virginia told CBS Mornings on Monday. And in case that left any bit of wiggle room, he added: "Let me make it...

Trump Has a New Favorite Biden Joke
Has a New
Biden Joke

Trump Has a New Favorite Biden Joke

He says, twice, that the president won't remember withdrawing as Republicans call on Biden to resign

(Newser) - Kamala Harris may be the frontrunner to be Donald Trump's rival in the general election, but the former president is still aiming most of his fire at her boss. Among other things, Trump has mocked President Biden with two similar jokes on Truth Social: "It's a new...

Broadway Cast Pauses for Chants of 'Kamala!'

The show is Suffs , about the women's suffrage movement

(Newser) - When news broke that President Biden was endorsing Kamala Harris to be the Democratic nominee, the vice president received a show of support that her supporters will likely find fitting. Just before the Sunday afternoon start of Suffs—a Broadway musical about the women's suffrage movement—the crowd began...

Senior Staff Learned of Biden Decision 1 Minute Before Public

While other staffers found out when they were told to check X

(Newser) - President Biden, ill with COVID-19, had taken to his Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, vacation home. Up until Sunday, he was determined to stay in the 2024 presidential race, reports the AP in its extensive look at the timeline of his decision to step aside. But on Sunday, at his beach house...

RFK Jr. Has a Lot to Say After Biden's Exit

Independent presidential candidate doesn't focus much on Harris in his remarks

(Newser) - Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says that with President Biden out, the 2024 presidential election is now a two-man contest between himself and Donald Trump. A rundown on RFK Jr.'s reaction to Biden's announcement that he's exiting the race:
  • Kennedy posted a lengthy statement on X . "

How Hollywood Is Reacting to Biden's Exit
Reacts to
Biden's Exit

Hollywood Reacts to Biden's Exit

Many celebs are expressing admiration for Biden, support for Harris

(Newser) - Hollywood was quick to react to the news that President Biden was ending his bid for reelection and endorsing Vice President Kamala Harris, the AP reports. Barbra Streisand, a Democratic supporter, wrote Sunday on X that "we should be grateful for his upholding of our democracy." While many...

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