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Jeopardy! Top 3 to Meet in Prime-Time Showdown

Winner of January tournament will take home $1M

(Newser) - When James Holzhauer was piling up Jeopardy! victory after victory, "a lot of people were wondering, well, how would he do against Ken Jennings? How would he do against Brad Rutter?" host Alex Trebek said. They'll find out. Jeopardy! plans a Greatest of All Time tournament involving the... More »

Here's How Jeopardy! Fans Can Honor Trebek

Play-along tournament for cancer research kicks off Thursday

(Newser) - Those moved by a Jeopardy contestant's support for Alex Trebek can pay homage to the beloved TV host in a different way. Dhruv Gaur and other contestants have organized a play-along tournament in which viewers are encouraged to donate $1 to the Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research for... More »

Alex Trebek Chokes Up Over Touching Jeopardy Answer

'We love you, Alex' cost Dhruv Guar almost $2K

(Newser) - Alex Trebek is sure feeling the love following Monday's Jeopardy episode. The host called on last-place contestant Dhruv Gaur during the Final Jeopardy round, expecting to see the scribbled name of an 1890 exposé about poverty in New York. "Dhruv, you're smiling. I like that. Let's... More »

Teen Jeopardy! Champ Donates in Honor of Trebek

Avi Gupta says host's struggle with pancreatic cancer has inspired him

(Newser) - Alex Trebek has inspired millions with the candor he's shown in detailing his dealings with pancreatic cancer, but he touched one young Jeopardy! contestant so much that the 18-year-old reached into his wallet. Avi Gupta, a freshman at Columbia University, emerged as the champion in the game show's... More »

Alex Trebek Shares the Cancer Symptom He Ignored

And other warning signs that people should heed

(Newser) - World Pancreatic Cancer Day isn't until Nov. 21, but a new public service announcement with a big name attached is already helping spread awareness of the disease. The New York Daily News reports that Alex Trebek, who has been publicly documenting his own battle with the illness, appears in... More »

Alex Trebek: I Have Some Regrets About Cancer Fight

'Jeopardy!' host gives extensive interview to an outlet in his native Canada

(Newser) - Less than a month after delivering the sobering news that he had to go back on chemo to treat his pancreatic cancer, Alex Trebek has given a hint that his time as the host of Jeopardy! may be coming to a close. "I will keep doing it as long... More »

New Cancer Update From Alex Trebek

'Jeopardy' host says his 'numbers' spiked, he's back on chemo

(Newser) - Nearly four months ago, Alex Trebek delivered the "mind-boggling" news to fans that his pancreatic cancer was "near remission." The Jeopardy! host was doing so well that his doctors even halted his chemo treatment, opting to use immunotherapy instead. Now, however, a bit of a setback: On... More »

'On the Mend': Alex Trebek Returns to Jeopardy!

Host has been fighting pancreatic cancer

(Newser) - Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek has returned to work, saying he's "on the mend" following treatment for pancreatic cancer. The game show posted a video Thursday on Twitter showing the 79-year-old host back on set and promising "a good year" ahead. He actually started work on July 22,... More »

Jeopardy! Champ Taking a New Gamble

James Holzhauer will make his debut in the World Series of Poker

(Newser) - After a formidable run in trivia, James Holzhauer is getting back to his roots. The Jeopardy! phenom oft-described as a professional gambler is hitting Las Vegas and doing a little, well, gambling, vis a vis the World Series of Poker. As the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports, Holzhauer is set to... More »

Here's Where $1K of Holzhauer's Money Went

Well, $1,109.14, a fact that Jeopardy! trivia fans might understand the significance of

(Newser) - Jeopardy! pro James Holzhauer is $2,462,216 richer, minus what he owes Uncle Sam. And minus a little more than $1,000. The Naperville, Illinois, native was asked to participate in this year's Naperville Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk, a fundraising event started by Ann Zediker, whose father died... More »

Jeopardy! Run Is Over for Woman Who Beat Holzhauer

She flubbed question on Woody Guthrie

(Newser) - Emma Boettcher earned a place in Jeopardy! history by defeating James Holzhauer in the game that aired Monday—but her run on the show didn't break any records. The 27-year-old University of Chicago librarian finished in third place Thursday after flubbing a Final Jeopardy clue on American music legends,... More »

Librarian Who Beat Holzhauer Is Using a Familiar Strategy

Emma Boettcher has won 3 in a row and bets big on Daily Doubles, as Holzhauer did

(Newser) - Don't look now, but the Jeopardy! player who dethroned James Holzhauer has a three-day streak of her own going. Chicago librarian Emma Boettcher, 27, has racked up more than $97,000 heading into Thursday's game, reports the Chicago Tribune . The winning average may not be as high as... More »

Inside the Jeopardy! Leak

'Very, very, very appropriate' action will be taken against perpetrators

(Newser) - The day before viewers were to tune in to Jeopardy! to see whether James Holzhauer beat Ken Jennings' winnings record, someone leaked the portion of the episode showing the answer to that question. "Somebody alerted us that they had seen it on YouTube. By the time we saw it,... More »

Before She Beat Holzhauer, She Had Never Heard of Him

Emma Boettcher did her master's paper on Jeopardy!

(Newser) - For weeks, Americans have been wondering if anybody could beat seemingly unstoppable Jeopardy! juggernaut James Holzhauer. But the show is recorded months in advance and when she walked into the studio in mid-March, Emma Boettcher, the 27-year-old University of Chicago librarian who defeated Holzhauer in the game that aired Monday... More »

Does Jeopardy! Wiz Beat Record? The Results Are In

Spoiler alert: Stop reading now if you don't want to learn how James Holzhauer fares

(Newser) - (Warning: spoilers ahead.) James Holzhauer went into Monday's Jeopardy! contest one big game away from surpassing Ken Jennings as the show's all-time money champ. Did he do it? Stop reading now if you don't want to know, because the advance word is out. Surprisingly, the answer... More »

Alex Trebek Has 'Mind-Boggling' News

'Jeopardy!' host is 'near remission'

(Newser) - Alex Trebek has "kind of mind-boggling" news: Doctors say he's "near remission," the Jeopardy! host shares with People . Even though stage 4 pancreatic cancer, with which he was diagnosed, has just a 9% five-year survival rate, per ABC News , Trebek has been responding extremely well to... More »

Ken Jennings 'Astounded' by Holzhauer's Winnings

Jeopardy ! champ scores 29th win

(Newser) - After Final Jeopardy on Tuesday night, the three contestants had totals of $59,381, $16,801, and $10. No prizes for guessing which one was James Holzhauer. The Jeopardy! phenomenon scored a 29th win and now has a grand total of $2,254,938, the New York Post reports. "... More »

A Key Stat Shows Why Holzhauer Is Winning So Much

His average daily-double wager is a whopping $9K

(Newser) - He's not slowing down. James Holzhauer nabbed $130,222—just shy of his one-day record of $131,127—in his 28th consecutive Jeopardy! win Monday, bringing his total earnings to $2,195,557, per USA Today . That means he's within $325,143 of Ken Jennings' legendary $2,520,... More »

Holzhauer Nearly Blows It

But the 'Jeopardy!' phenom fixed it just in time

(Newser) - James Holzhauer nearly made a rare gaffe Friday on Jeopardy!—or so it seemed—and just as he approached the elite $2 million mark, USA Today reports. The trivia phenom's Final Jeopardy clue was, "Astronomy buffs visit Idaho for the USA’s first Dark Sky Reserve. Oddly,... More »

Jeopardy! Whiz Could Do Something Big Tonight

There's a good possibility James Holzhauer will pass the $2M mark

(Newser) - James Holzhauer steamrollered the competition on Jeopardy! once again Wednesday night, winning $71,855 for a total of $1,939,027 over his 25-game winning streak. His daily average over the run is $77,561—higher than the pre-Holzhauer single-day winnings record—meaning he is likely to pass the $2... More »

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