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Justice Official Leaving Amid Records Seizure Controversy

John Demers is resigning as assistant AG for national security after Apple subpoenas

(Newser) - The Justice Department’s top national security official is resigning from his position after revelations that the department secretly seized records from Democrats and members of the media. John Demers will leave his post as assistant attorney general for national security by the end of next week, a Justice Department...

New Apple Features Include 'Universal Control'
New Apple Features
Include 'Universal Control'

New Apple Features Include 'Universal Control'

Company unveils changes at virtual conference

(Newser) - Apple announced out a slew of new features at its annual developers' conference Monday, including what it calls "Universal Control." The feature will allow users to move content between multiple devices, including iPads, using a single keyboard and mouse, CNET reports. The new features unveiled on the first...

App Store Trial Could Reshape Mobile Market

Apple v. Epic Games had a chaotic start Monday

(Newser) - A court battle that could reshape the market for apps on mobile devices got underway Monday—and the Epic Games v. Apple trial had a chaotic start. The dispute began when Apple kicked Epic's "Fortnite" game off the App Store . A court conference call allowed callers to listen...

New iPhone Feature Adds to Zuckerberg-Cook Tension

Users can choose to not allow tracking for ad purposes, striking at Facebook's model

(Newser) - A new privacy feature released Monday reflects the widening gulf between Facebook and Apple—and their leaders. The feature makes iPhone owners choose whether to let apps like Facebook track them across other apps, a practice that's central to targeting users with tailored ad content. Should iPhone users reject...

In North Carolina, a 'Doubling Down' by Apple

Company says it's building new $1B campus in Raleigh-Durham area

(Newser) - North Carolina is getting a major new tenant, with promises of thousands of jobs coming with it. Apple announced Monday it will be building a new campus in the Raleigh-Durham area, set to house 3,000 employees who will work in jobs involving artificial intelligence, software engineering, and machine learning,...

Apple Says Parler Can Return to App Store
Parler Cleared for
App Store Return

Parler Cleared for App Store Return

Apple says Parler has agreed to make changes

(Newser) - In what Republican Rep. Ken Buck calls a "huge win for free speech," Apple has decided to allow social media app Parler to return to the App store. In a letter Buck tweeted Monday, Apple exec Timothy Powderly said Apple has approved a version of the app with...

Man Blames Apple for $600K Bitcoin Theft

Scam cryptocurrency app was downloaded from the 'trusted' App Store

(Newser) - Apple says its App Store is "the world's most trusted marketplace for apps," where each submission is carefully reviewed. Still, one app on iOS was able to steal $1.6 million in bitcoin from at least five people, reports the Washington Post . On Feb. 1, Phillipe Christodoulou...

Apple Hits Huge Milestone, Investors Are Unimpressed

Company reports $111B earnings in Q1

(Newser) - Wednesday was a tough day for tech stocks and things didn't improve for Apple in after-hours trading—despite the fact that it had just reported record-breaking results. The company reported a record $111.4 billion in revenue for its fiscal first quarter, well ahead of expectations and up 21%...

Parler CEO After Apple, Google Play Moves: 'We Won't Cave!'

Google Play has yanked the Parler app, and it looks like Apple is about to

(Newser) - On the same day Twitter permanently banned President Trump due to what it says was a risk of further incitement of violence, another social media platform found itself contending with its own troubles related to the same. CNN Business reported Friday that Google Play has yanked the app for Parler,...

Elon Musk: Apple Could Have Bought Tesla

But Tim Cook wouldn't meet with him, Musk says

(Newser) - Apple is reportedly working on its own electric car, but it apparently could have owned Tesla. Elon Musk on Tuesday revealed that, "during the darkest days of the Model 3 program," he tried to sell his company to Apple. "I reached out to Tim Cook to discuss...

Tim Cook Makes Controversial Move About a TV Show

Media columnist Ben Smith writes that he killed a show about an old nemesis, Gawker

(Newser) - Media columnist Ben Smith of the New York Times tends to break news in his weekly column, and the latest is no exception. Smith writes that Apple CEO Tim Cook personally killed a prospective show about the now-defunct Gawker Media that was in the works for Apple TV Plus. The...

'It’s Like My 6-Year-Old Was Doing Lines of Cocaine'

Boy, 6, racks up more than $16K on mom's iPad

(Newser) - Like so many others, Jessica Johnson is suffering financially because of the pandemic. The Wilton, Conn., real estate broker tells the New York Post that her income is down by 80% this year. So she certainly couldn't afford the $16,293 in video game upgrades that her young son,...

Price of Apple’s New AirPods Throws Consumers for a Loop

For $549, anyone can get high-tech headphones or a studio apartment in Albuquerque

(Newser) - Apple customers weren't expecting the new over-the-ear headphones to be released Tuesday, and they certainly weren't expecting the price: $549. The AirPods Max are wireless and connect with Bluetooth to an iPhone, computer, or other device that holds music, Ars Technica reports. There are all sorts of sensors....

App to Trace Virus Exposure Runs Into Familiar Obstacles

COVID-19 misinformation is among the factors affecting the technology's adoption

(Newser) - Six months ago, Apple and Google introduced a smartphone tool designed to notify people who might have been exposed to the coronavirus, without disclosing any personal information. But Americans haven't been all that interested. Fewer than half of US states and territories—19 in total—have made such technology...

He Co-Founded Apple. Now, a New Venture for 'the Woz'

Steve Wozniak's Efforce, a green tech/blockchain firm, has been in 'stealth mode' for about a year

(Newser) - Steve Wozniak was in his mid-20s when he co-founded Apple in the garage at Steve Jobs' parents' place. He left the company about a decade later, and now, 35 years after that, "the Woz" is feeling the entrepreneurial itch once more. The 70-year-old is launching Efforce, a green tech...

$6.6M in Apple Products Stolen in Truck Heist

British police say driver, guard were tied up

(Newser) - Police in Britain have asked the public to be on the lookout for anybody selling suspiciously cheap Apple products. Police say bandits made off with $6.6 million in iPhone 11s, iPads, Apple Watches, and other products after a truck heist in Northamptonshire, central England, reports Reuters . The truck was...

Are You Using Your iPhone's 'Secret Button'?
Are You Using Your
iPhone's 'Secret Button'?
in case you missed it

Are You Using Your iPhone's 'Secret Button'?

Back of the phone has been touch-sensitive since late September

(Newser) - The latest update to iPhone software added a nifty new feature that may have escaped the attention of many users. It added what Chaim Gartenberg at the Verge calls a "secret button"—the back of the phone. The Back Tap feature turns the "entire back of your...

Apple Reports Record-Breaking Mac Sales

2020 is a banner year for Big Tech

(Newser) - While many are calling 2020 the "worst year ever," it's becoming the best one on record for big tech companies. Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and Alphabet, Google's parent company, have all reported record-breaking quarterly sales and/or profits this week, MarketWatch reports. Apple reported record revenue of...

Here are Apple's New iPhones, Designed for 5G

Models won't include a charging adapter anymore

(Newser) - Apple unveiled four new iPhones on Tuesday that are equipped with technology for use with faster 5G wireless networks. The staggered release schedule compresses Apple's window for building up excitement heading into the holiday season, the AP reports. With unemployment and economic anxiety high during the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers...

Big Day in Tech: Prime Day, 5G iPhones
What to Buy, and Not
to Buy on Prime Day
the rundown

What to Buy, and Not to Buy on Prime Day

Also, Apple is expected to unveil its first 5G phones

(Newser) - Tuesday is a big day for those in the market for a new iPhone, a tech toy, a vacuum, or pretty much any item under the sun. It's not only Amazon Prime Day, but Apple will unveil its new phone lineup. Coverage:
  • Apple: At the company's 1pm ET

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