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Women Want Pay Equity Suit to Cover 12K Apple Workers

Filing says company violates California law

(Newser) - A suit filed Thursday saying that Apple pays women less than men for similar work includes the company's hiring practices used to set compensation and its performance-review policies. The suit, filed in a San Francisco state court, was brought by two female employees and seeks class-action status, which would...

Apple Lifts S&P 500 to Record High
Apple Lifts S&P 500
to Record High

Apple Lifts S&P 500 to Record High

Company jumps 7.3% after highlighting push into AI

(Newser) - Stocks drifted to a mixed close overall on Wall Street, but the S&P 500 and Nasdaq composite still managed to notch more record highs. A big gain in Apple helped push both indexes higher Tuesday. The company jumped 7.3% after highlighting its push into artificial intelligence .
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Musk: I'll Ban My Workers From Using iPhones

He calls Apple's new partnership with ChatGPT a security breach

(Newser) - Apple unveiled its new foray into artificial intelligence on Monday, and Elon Musk is not a fan. So much so that he's threatening to forbid employees at his companies from using iPhones and other Apple products, reports CNET . Even visitors would have to leave their iPhones at the door...

Conference Gives a Look at Apple Intelligence

OpenAI intends to help company catch up to Google and Microsoft

(Newser) - Apple jumped into the race to bring generative artificial intelligence to the masses during its World Wide Developers Conference on Monday, previewing an onslaught of features designed to soup up the iPhone and other products with technology already available on rival devices. In a twist befitting a company known for...

Apple Releases Fix for 'Zombie' Photos on iPhones

Users have complained that pictures deleted years ago are reemerging after update

(Newser) - Apple has had a "pretty bad" issue going on with its iPhones, though it hopes a fix it just released will remedy the situation. The problem, according to 9to5Mac : Users say that photos they deleted, some even years ago, have been popping up again unexpectedly. The users say the...

1st Apple Store to Unionize Will Also Be 1st to Strike

Union votes to authorize a strike against Apple's retail operations at Maryland location

(Newser) - It was the first Apple Store to unionize, and now it will be the first Apple Store to strike. Employees at the Towson, Maryland, Apple Store, located in the suburbs of Baltimore, voted Saturday night to authorize a strike against Apple's retail operations, according to a statement from the...

Apple Goes to Work on Siri to Catch Up With Chatbot Rivals

Virtual assistant has fallen behind, unable to handle more complex tasks

(Newser) - Apple bosses were not pleased after checking out OpenAI's new chatbot last year. ChatGPT, they realized, had lapped Siri. It employed generative artificial intelligence to write poetry and and computer code. It answered complex questions, while Siri often misunderstood direct ones. Siri couldn't compete. So Apple launched a...

Apple: Sorry About That Ad Where We Crushed All Creativity

Company offers apology for iPad Pro commercial showing the crushing of creative items from past

(Newser) - Apple's newest ad, showing the destruction of all things creative to create an iPad Pro, "struck a nerve online," with one critic noting, per the AP : "This ... commercial says, 'No, we're going to take all the creativity in the world and use a hydraulic...

Apple Reports Steep Drop in iPhone Sales

10% year-on-year drop in Q1 is biggest decline since pandemic hit production in 2020

(Newser) - Apple on Thursday disclosed its steepest quarterly decline in iPhone sales since the pandemic's outset, deepening a slump that's increasing the pressure on the trendsetting company to spruce up its products with more artificial intelligence. The 10% drop in year-over-year iPhone sales for the January-March period is the...

Apple: We're Working on Fix for Glitchy iPhone Alarms

For some, the alarms have stopped working

(Newser) - Some people who rely on their iPhones to wake them up in the morning have gotten unwanted extra sleep of late, reports Today . It seems that for some, the alarms have inexplicably stopped working. It's not clear what's going on, or even how many phones are affected, but...

Apple Makes a Big Move on iPhone Repairs

'Parts pairing' won't apply to iPhone 15 fixes starting this fall, company says

(Newser) - Apple is making a big change that could make it cheaper, and easier, for people to get iPhones repaired. The company said in an update Thursday that in a new process beginning this fall with "select iPhone models," customers and independent repair shops will be able to replace...

US Sues Apple, Alleges an Illegal Monopoly

Justice Department says the iPhone maker stifles competition

(Newser) - The Justice Department on Thursday announced a sweeping antitrust lawsuit against Apple, accusing the tech giant of engineering an illegal monopoly in smartphones that boxes out competitors and stifles innovation, per the AP . The lawsuit, filed in federal court in New Jersey, alleges that Apple has monopoly power in the...

Report: Apple in Talks Over 'Blockbuster' Google Deal

Sources say Apple is in talks to use Google's Gemini AI in new iPhones

(Newser) - Insiders say Apple and Google are in talks over a deal that could be massive for both companies. The sources say Apple is looking into using Google's Gemini generative artificial intelligence technology in the next iPhone model. Bloomberg reports that the negotiations could lead to "a blockbuster agreement...

Apple Agrees to Pay $490M in iPhone Suit by Investors

Tim Cook said demand in China was strong just before cutting revenue forecast

(Newser) - Apple has agreed to pay $490 million to end a class-action lawsuit accusing its CEO of misleading investors with a false assurance about demand for iPhones in China. The suit was sparked by Apple's unexpected announcement on Jan. 2, 2019, that the company planned to cut its quarterly revenue...

EU Fines Apple $2B for Move That Impacted 'Millions'

Tech giant is hit with antitrust penalty for favoring its own music streaming service over rivals'

(Newser) - The European Union leveled its first antitrust penalty against Apple on Monday, fining the US tech giant nearly $2 billion for breaking the bloc's competition laws by unfairly favoring its own music streaming service over rivals. Apple banned app developers from "fully informing iOS users about alternative and...

Report: Apple Has Abandoned Its Electric Car Project

Insiders say workers are being transferred from Project Titan to AI division

(Newser) - Apple's electric car project has sputtered out after a decade of effort, insiders say. Bloomberg , citing "people with knowledge of the matter," reports that almost 2,000 people on the Project Titan team were surprised Tuesday morning when execs told them that the project was being canceled...

Zuck Is 'Pretty Surprised' Quest Is Better Than Apple's Headset

Meta leader posts a Quest 3 vs. Vision Pro video breakdown

(Newser) - It's no shocker that Mark Zuckerberg is a bigger fan of his own company's VR headset than he is of Apple's Vision Pro. What might be more of a surprise is that he made a video explaining exactly why he thinks Meta's Quest 3 headset is...

The Apple Vision Pro Is Truly Unreal. That's a Problem

Writing for 'Vanity Fair,' Nick Bilton can see it making us crave augmented reality

(Newser) - The $3,500 Apple Vision Pro hit stores last Friday, and despite hearing nothing but rave reviews from those who had gotten an early look ("I would say my experience was religious," director James Cameron told him), Nick Bilton had zero interest in giving the VR headset a...

Apple, Google Pull App Linked to Sextortion Scams

Wizz, a Tinder-style app aimed at teens, says it's trying to remedy the 'technical hiccup'

(Newser) - A Tinder-style app geared toward teens has been yanked from both Apple and Google's app portals after warnings about sextortion. NBC News reports that, according to emails it viewed, Wizz was pulled on Tuesday from the Apple App Store following pushback from the National Center on Sexual Exploitation on...

Apple Yanks Disputed Health Feature From Watches

Blood-oxygen sensor won't work on new Series 9 and Ultra 2 watches

(Newser) - Apple has complied with the latest ruling in a patent dispute over a health feature on its two most advanced Apple Watches—but instead of stopping sales of the Series 9 and Ultra 2, it has turned the feature off. In what the AP describes as a sign of Apple'...

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