Kamala Harris

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Democratic Rivals May Have Blown It With Biden

He scared away promising rivals, writes David Leonhardt

(Newser) - A column by David Leonhardt in the New York Times on Sunday raises a provocative question with its headline: "Did Joe Biden Scare Off Our Next President?" The thinking is this: Biden's entry into the race as an instant front-runner kept promising moderates such as Mitch Landrieu on... More »

Harris Considers Endorsing a Former Opponent

'New York Times' reports she's leaning toward Biden

(Newser) - Kamala Harris is thinking about throwing her support to former opponent Joe Biden in the Democratic presidential race, party officials tell the New York Times . Biden has already said he'd consider picking her as a running mate, and an endorsement could put her in position for that. But there... More »

Biden Floats a Possible Running Mate

He's open to the idea of Kamala Harris

(Newser) - Joe Biden was asked on Wednesday whether he'd consider picking Kamala Harris as his running mate. "Of course I would," he told reporters. Politico suggests it might be more than a press-friendly reply. It reports he publicly praised Harris on Tuesday and Wednesday, and his words on... More »

Kamala Harris to Trump: 'See You at Your Trial'

She fires back after he mocks end of her campaign

(Newser) - Sen. Kamala Harris fired back at President Trump on Tuesday after he appeared to mock her exit from the Democratic race . The president retweeted remarks from his former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, who said: "Another one bites the dust. Guess it’s not as easy as everyone thought."... More »

A Big Name Exits the 2020 Race

Kamala Harris is out

(Newser) - On Monday, Democratic 2020 contenders Steve Bullock and Joe Sestak bowed out of the race . On Tuesday, a much bigger name did the same. Kamala Harris has ended her bid for the presidency, in what the New York Times calls a "dramatic comedown" for a candidate who showed "... More »

Kamala Harris Is Not Going to Like 2 New Profiles

Washington Post, New York Times think her campaign is on the ropes

(Newser) - The 2020 campaign of Kamala Harris is the subject of two analytical stories on Friday, one in the Washington Post and the other in the New York Times . It's a safe bet Harris will not like either one, however, because of the similar takeaways: Her campaign is in big... More »

Biden Makes Debate Howler

It cracked up Kamala Harris

(Newser) - Even by the standards of Joe Biden gaffes , this was a big one. During Wednesday night's Democratic debate in Atlanta, the former vice president, while telling Cory Booker about the depth of his support in the black community, said he had the support of the "only African-American woman... More »

Harris Campaign Makes Some 'Tough Choices'

Staffers are being laid off or shifted to Iowa

(Newser) - Sen. Kamala Harris says she fully intends to win the Democratic nomination—but she is competing against rivals with a lot more money. According to a campaign memo seen by Politico Wednesday, the senator from California is laying off dozens of aides at her Baltimore headquarters, shifting other staffers to... More »

Over 7 Hours, 10 Candidates Talked Climate Change

Democrats reveal their priorities in CNN town halls

(Newser) - Top Democratic presidential contenders talked tough Wednesday on cutting climate-damaging emissions from oil, gas, and coal, turning their focus to global warming in a marathon evening of town halls. While Republicans might find ammunition in the overwhelming—and overwhelmingly costly—scope of the plans, the 10 Democrats who participated in... More »

In Experiment, Calif. City Gives 125 Residents $500 a Month

Stockton tries out 'universal basic income'

(Newser) - Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang wants to give cash to every American each month. Susie Garza has never heard of Yang. But since February, she's been getting $500 a month from a nonprofit in Stockton, Calif., as part of an experiment that offers something unusual in presidential politics: a... More »

New Poll Is Bad News for Kamala Harris

She drops 12 points in CNN poll from surge after first debate

(Newser) - Joe Biden has bounced back from his debate squabble with Kamala Harris, who is now floundering, according to a new CNN poll. With the support of 29% of potential Democratic voters, up 7 points since late June, Biden regains a double-digit lead over Bernie Sanders (15%) and Elizabeth Warren (14%),... More »

Kamala Harris' Health Care Proposal Is Already Getting Pushback

From 'Medicare for All' advocates

(Newser) - Kamala Harris insists she still backs "Medicare for All," but the health care proposal she released on Monday stops short of the full scale health care system overhaul that's being advocated by her more liberal 2020 Democratic presidential rivals, the AP reports. In a split with Bernie... More »

Jill Biden Enters the Fray to Defend Her Husband

Public 'didn't buy it,' she says of Kamala Harris' attack on her husband's race record

(Newser) - Kamala Harris is keeping up her critique of Joe Biden's record on race and segregation following the Democratic frontrunner's apology for comments about the civility of segregationist senators. He was "right to recognize the impact of his words" but "there is still a point of disagreement... More »

Kamala Harris Reveals Her Quarterly Haul

She took in $12M, less than Buttigieg, Biden, and Sanders

(Newser) - Sen. Kamala Harris of California raised $12 million in the past three months, her presidential campaign said Friday. Harris's second-quarter total is less than some other first-tier 2020 White House hopefuls, who have already released their totals ahead of the July 15 deadline to report to the Federal Election... More »

Harris Surges in Polls After Debate Performance

Biden has lost support, but he's still frontrunner

(Newser) - Sen. Kamala Harris was widely credited with having a good debate Thursday night—and it has resulted in a bump in the polls. According to Morning Consult, the senator's support doubled among Democratic primary voters after the debate, going from 6% to 12%. The surge in support has put... More »

Trump Makes 'Very Interesting' Offer to Kim Jong Un

President suggests DMZ meet and greet, also weighs in on Jimmy Carter, Harris-Biden tiff

(Newser) - President Trump is set to fly back to the US Sunday after attending the G20 summit in Japan, but he's got one more thing on his list he'd like to do before he leaves: have a meet and greet with North Korea's Kim Jong Un in the... More »

Biden Pushes Back After Shots at Civil Rights Stances

Candidate answers Kamala Harris' debate attack

(Newser) - Saying that "30 seconds to 60 seconds on a campaign debate exchange can't do justice to a lifetime commitment to civil rights," Joe Biden defended his record on racial issues Friday. Kamala Harris had forcefully, and emotionally, questioned his past statements and positions during a Democratic presidential... More »

Some Say It Was a 'Low Blow.' Harris Calls It 'Truth'

Senator addresses criticism against her taking on Joe Biden at Democratic debate

(Newser) - In Thursday night's Democratic debate , one interaction above all caused a hush in the audience: an emotional moment between Kamala Harris and Joe Biden, when the former took the latter on for his recent doubling down on working with segregationist senators in the past, as well as his remarks... More »

In New York, an Effort to Decriminalize Sex Work

'Sex work is work and should not be criminalized'

(Newser) - Some Democratic lawmakers hope to see New York become the first state to decriminalize sex work. "Anything that involved children or coercion are things that we feel very strongly need to remain in the penal code," but "sex work is work and should not be criminalized by... More »

Here's Who Is Currently in the Democratic Debates

13 Democrats have qualified, but the last 7 spots are up in the air

(Newser) - The first Democratic debates for the 2020 election take place June 26 and June 27 in Miami, with each night featuring 10 different candidates on stage, reports ABC News . The field is currently larger than 20, and the party will decide next week who makes the cut, based on polling... More »

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