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Florida Golfer Dies While Reportedly Looking for Ball

Hermilo Jazmines drowned on the course

(Newser) - A Florida golfer died on the course Sunday morning, possibly in the search for a lost ball. CNN reports Hermilo Jazmines set out with a friend at the East Lake Woodlands Country Club in Oldsmar. Shortly after 7:30am they reached the third hole, and Jazmines was last spotted looking...

Cemetery Worker Buried Alive in Open Grave

Long Island man died at the scene

(Newser) - A Long Island cemetery worker was working at the bottom of a more than seven-foot deep grave when it collapsed on top of him Thursday morning, burying him alive. His Washington Memorial Park co-workers tried to dig him out, but neither they nor first responders from four local fire departments...

Freak Accident Almost Kills Boston Barber

He needs open heart surgery after falling on his scissors

(Newser) - A Boston barber slipped and fell forward onto the floor during a haircut Friday—directly onto the scissors he was holding. "He was walking around the back of the chair and all of a sudden he’s on the floor. I look down and I see blood," Max...

After Deaths at Chicken Plant, Probe Zeroes In on Conveyer

6 workers died after liquid nitrogen release at Foundation Food Group in Georgia

(Newser) - A conveyer that transported chicken to a liquid nitrogen bath at a Georgia poultry processing plant had unresolved problems prior to the liquid nitrogen release that killed six workers on Jan. 28, federal investigators said. The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports the plant in Gainesville flash freezes its chicken using liquid...

Man Killed at Baby Shower After Celebratory Stunt Goes Wrong

Something went awry when a cannon was fired in Gaines, Mich.

(Newser) - A day meant to be filled with joy turned tragic over the weekend in Michigan. As the Detroit Free Press reports, the host of a Saturday baby shower in Gaines brought several people into the backyard to fire a cannon in celebration, a device police say resembled a "signal...

Michigan Worker Crushed by 25K-Pound Mold

Investigators believe it fell from an interior wall at Romeo RIM

(Newser) - The Macomb County Sheriff’s Office received a call Tuesday morning about a workplace injury. It ended up being much worse. Law enforcement arrived to find a Michigan man had been crushed by a 25,000-pound manufacturing mold. It apparently fell from one of the plant walls at Romeo RIM...

Report: Here's How Woman Died in 'Ungodly' Accident

Massachusetts inspectors take a closer look

(Newser) - Inspectors are casting fresh light on a horrible accident that claimed a woman's life in Boston last month, the Boston Globe reports. According to a state report, 38-year-old Carrie O'Connor plunged into an elevator shaft while lugging an oversized package on the first floor. She was moving into...

Oregon Man Killed While Posing for Photo

Freak accident happened in Oregon's Oswald West State Park

(Newser) - A 43-year-old Oregon man is dead after a freak accident that occurred while he posed for a photo in Oswald West State Park. KOIN reports Steven Gastelum of Seaside was at the Devil’s Cauldron trail with another person on Sunday and climbed a tree along the cliff, intending to...

Cate Blanchett's Lockdown Accident Was a Weird One
Cate Blanchett: 1,
Chainsaw: Zero

Cate Blanchett: 1, Chainsaw: Zero

Actress doing OK after lockdown accident left her with a 'little nick to the head'

(Newser) - If you've been having a hard time stuck at home during the pandemic, consider yourself lucky you haven't been attacked by a chainsaw (unless you have, in which case ... carry on). During a podcast conversation with ex-Aussie Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Cate Blanchett revealed just such a thing...

He Defied Lockdown to Go Fishing. A Croc Got Him

Man didn't heed 2-week shutdown in Rwanda

(Newser) - Here's an incentive to stay home: A Rwandan man who breached a nationwide lockdown to go fishing was subsequently killed by a crocodile. The man was fishing in the Nyabarongo River Wednesday morning when the crocodile attacked, Alice Kayitesi, mayor of the southern Kamonyi district, tells the BBC . Kayitesi...

'Incalculable' Damage After Truck Hits Easter Island Statue

The unmanned vehicle was parked, but the brake apparently failed

(Newser) - For the Rapa Nui, the iconic moai statues of Easter Island are "sacred structures," Camilo Rapu, the head of the indigenous community there, tells CNN . That's why what went down in the Chilean territory Sunday has the locals distressed and wondering how to better protect the famous...

Falling Ice Kills Woman Right After Talk About Mortality

Linda Freedman Scharrenberg and her husband had been having a cocktail outside

(Newser) - A couple who had been married for nearly 50 years had just enjoyed a cocktail on their deck, where they talked about their inevitable deaths. As they walked back inside their Vermont home, a heavy piece of ice slid off the roof and fatally struck 73-year-old Linda Freedman Scharrenberg in...

Falling Debris Kills Woman Near One of NYC's Busiest Corners

The 60-year-old suffered head trauma

(Newser) - A second harrowing story involving a New York City sidewalk is making headlines today: A 60-year-old woman was killed by a falling piece of building debris around 10:45am Tuesday as she walked in Manhattan. An NYPD rep says she suffered head trauma. Time reports the incident occurred on West...

College Gymnast Slips From Bars, Dies Days Later

Melanie Coleman was a junior at Southern Connecticut State University

(Newser) - An "unexpected accident" has claimed the life of a Connecticut gymnast. The Hartford Courant reports Melanie Coleman, 20, died two days after falling from the bars on Friday while practicing at Southern Connecticut State University. The 20-year-old junior was studying nursing, and the paper describes the Connecticut native as...

One Man Exited the Elevator. The 2nd Tried to, Was Killed

Horrific accident in NYC apartment building takes life of 30-year-old

(Newser) - A horrific accident in a New York City apartment building has left a 30-year-old tenant dead, and other residents say it's the result of ignored pleas to fix the site's elevators. Officials tell NBC New York that Samuel Waisbren was trying to exit an elevator in the lobby...

Boy 'Couldn't Get Out of the Way,' Is Impaled by Umbrella

The incident happened on a Massachusetts beach

(Newser) - The injuries aren't life-threatening, but the experience sounds harrowing all the same. A 13-year-old boy was impaled by a flying beach umbrella in Massachusetts on Friday afternoon, causing a serious injury to his left shoulder. ABC News reports the incident happened at Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester and quotes...

Lightning Lit Up the Skies. Then Her Toilet Blew Up

Marylou Ward's toilet exploded after lightning hit septic tank

(Newser) - Some people stay out of the shower during a lightning storm; Marylou Ward may be staying off the toilet during one from here on in. That's because, per FOX 13 , the Port Charlotte, Fla., resident is still cleaning up the wreckage in her bathroom and on other parts of...

They Were on Their Way to a Famous Bus. Suddenly, a Slip

Newlywed swept away trying to cross Alaskan river near bus depicted in Jon Krakauer's 'Into the Wild'

(Newser) - A trek in Alaska to see the "Magic Bus" ended in tragedy this week for a newly married couple from Belarus—both the same age as the man who famously died at the bus site. The Anchorage Daily News reports that 24-year-old Veramika Maikamava and Piotr Markielau, who Alaska...

Freak Accident at NC Beach Kills Father of 6
'Intense Wave' Kills
NC Beachgoer

'Intense Wave' Kills NC Beachgoer

Father of 6 died after neck broke, throat swelled up

(Newser) - A North Carolina man was killed in a freak accident while playing with three of his six children on an Oak Island beach. Relatives say a powerful wave Thursday broke 37-year-old Lee Dingle's neck and caused his throat to swell so much that his brain was deprived of oxygen,...

Death by Metal Drinking Straw Is Now a Thing

UK woman fatally impaled on straw stuck in lid

(Newser) - A coroner is warning people to never fix metal drinking straws in place after the truly horrifying case of an English woman impaled in the eye. Elena Struthers-Gardner died after collapsing on a 10-inch stainless steel straw she had stuck in a screw-top lid on a Mason jar-style drinking glass...

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