Remarkable Heimlich Save: 5 Brilliant Stories This Week

Including a unique offer for a long Caribbean trip
By Newser Editors,  Newser Staff
Posted May 29, 2016 5:17 AM CDT
Remarkable Heimlich Save: 5 Brilliant Stories This Week
Dr. Henry Heimlich.   (AP Photo/Al Behrman)

An unusual Heimlich rescue and a last-second dog save make the list:

  • Heimlich Maneuver Inventor Uses It Himself: A woman at a Cincinnati nursing home began choking on her food, but it just so happens that one of her fellow residents happens to be Dr. Henry Heimlich. Yes, that Heimlich, the 96-year-old surgeon who developed his namesake Heimlich maneuver. He saved her life, but the story has one more remarkable twist.
  • 'Miraculous Find Saves Dog in Nick of Time: Ten-year-old Ollie was literally moments from death when his life was saved by an attentive veterinary student and a quick-thinking vet. The sheltie had gone camping with his owner in Oregon only to become lethargic upon returning home. He eventually became paralyzed, and he was just moments from being euthanized when the vet student spotted something behind his ear.
  • Traveler Sways Airline With His Letter: Alex Hamberger of Buffalo had plans to fly to Kansas City to see his niece, but he fell ill and missed his flight. He got a $200 change fee as a result, but managed to have it waived after writing a letter to American Airlines. The secret? A sense of humor, apparently. It begins, "Dear most kind and benevolent American Airlines Customer Service staff member ..."

  • Guy's Offer: Help My Girlfriend Walk, Get Trip: Want an all-expenses paid, six-month trip to the Caribbean? If you're a physical therapist or orthopedic surgeon, you might be in luck. Jeremie Tronet lives in the Grenadines island chain with girlfriend Zoe, who recently fell and broke her femur. She had surgery, but she needs to stay off it for two months and will then need to be rehabilitated. Without insurance, the latter will be pricey—unless a therapist accepts the unusual offer. Bonus: Thanks to Tronet's profession, you might acquire an awesome new skill set.
  • A Woman Spoke Ill of a Dead Teen. Her Principal Wasn't Having It: A Memphis high school principal allowed the 1-year-old son of a recently slain student to walk across the stage at graduation. Afterward, a woman not only criticized the decision but managed to slight the late teen's parenting skills at the same time. That was too much for principal Alisha Coleman-Kiner, who wrote an epic response.
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