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Police: Teenage Thief Got $36M in Cryptocurrency

Canadian scammer intercepted authentication request, investigators say

(Newser) - A cross-border investigation has led to the arrest of a teenager in Canada suspected of a cryptocurrency theft of more than $36 million US from a single person. Officials called it the largest cryptocurrency scam involving one person in Canadian history, CTV News reports. Police did not release the age...

Watchdog Suggests Blame for 881 Secret Service Infections

Group says Trump put agents at risk of contracting the coronavirus

(Newser) - A nonprofit watchdog group has counted 881 Secret Service employees who tested positive for the coronavirus between March 1, 2020, and March 9, 2021. Of those, 477 belonged to the special agent division, whose duties include guarding the president, vice president, and their families, the Washington Post reports. In its...

Secret Service Just Paid $40K to Guard Trump at Mar-a-Lago

Washington Post tallies up the bill since Jan. 20

(Newser) - Like all former presidents, Donald Trump still gets protection from the Secret Service. But the Washington Post reports that Trump's protection comes with a unique wrinkle: He gets to charge the agency for the privilege. More specifically, his Trump Organization has been charging $396.15 a night for the...

Secret Service Agents Grew Unusually Close to 2 Trumps

New book says Vanessa Trump dated member of the family's detail

(Newser) - The apparent closeness of the relationships between Secret Service agents and two of the Trumps they were guarding raised concerns at the agency, a new book says. To lessen the chances of their judgment being compromised, agents aren't allowed to maintain personal relationships with the people they protect, the...

Cost of Secret Service for Trump Children Multiplies

Details' partial hotel and transportation bills the first month were $140K

(Newser) - Secret Service protection for former President Trump's adult children is off to an expensive start. The first month after Trump's term ended, which included multiple trips and vacations for the Trump children and their spouses, cost the government at least $140,000 for transportation and hotel rooms, the...

Trump Orders Secret Service Protection for His Adult Kids

That's according to 3 sources who spoke anonymously

(Newser) - Donald Trump's four adult children will have free Secret Service protection for the next six months after the former president extended the post-presidency security to them before leaving office, three sources tell the Washington Post . A senior US official also anonymously confirmed the news to CNN , though it has...

Paper Has Harrowing Account of Pence's Close Call

Rioters missed him inside the Capitol by a matter of seconds

(Newser) - We knew Secret Service escorted Mike Pence to safety during the siege on the Capitol. But not until this Washington Post report has it been clear just how close the rioters came to the vice president. As it turns out, they missed seeing him by a matter of seconds. As...

Jared, Ivanka Reportedly Have No-Toilet Rule for Agents

Washington Post: Secret Service has spent $100K so far renting a nearby studio with bathroom

(Newser) - The Washington Post is out with might be the buzziest story of the day—about toilets. The story alleges that Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump refuse to let Secret Service agents guarding them use any of the 6.5 bathrooms inside their expansive home. As a result, the federal government...

Secret Service Investigated Mulaney After SNL Joke

He joked about Roman senators stabbing 'powerful manic' Caesar

(Newser) - After investigating comedian John Mulaney, Secret Service agents are apparently satisfied that he is not conspiring with senators to murder President Trump. Mulaney told Jimmy Kimmel Tuesday night that an investigation was opened after a Feb. 29 Saturday Night Live monologue in which he joked about Roman senators stabbing Julius...

Report: Secret Service Members Are Asked to Transfer to Florida

Signs point to Trump, Melania heading to Mar-a-Lago for good after the inauguration, sources say

(Newser) - As of Tuesday, President Trump still hadn't shown signs he's ready to concede to President-elect Biden, but there are signs he's preparing for a post-presidency life. Sources tell ABC News that the Secret Service's Miami field office has been involved in the planning of renovations to...

This 'Does Not Bode Well for White House Security'

130 agents sidelined due to coronavirus, reports 'Washington Post'

(Newser) - More than 130 Secret Service members are in quarantine following positive coronavirus tests or contact with a colleague who tested positive, sources tell the Washington Post . In other words, the virus "has sidelined roughly 10% of the agency's core security team." About 1,300 officers guard the...

Secret Service Honors Only Officer Killed Protecting President

Leslie Coffelt was fatally shot in 1950

(Newser) - The Secret Service honored Leslie Coffelt in a sunrise ceremony Monday, 70 years after he was killed protecting Harry Truman from Puerto Rican nationalists. The 40-year-old Army veteran is the only Secret Service officer to have died protecting a president and the agency honors him every year, Fox reports. Coffelt...

Trump's Ride May Flip a Secret Service Question
Trump's Ride May Flip
a Secret Service Question
the rundown

Trump's Ride May Flip a Secret Service Question

Critics say agents now must be protected from the president

(Newser) - President Trump's decision to take a weekend ride around Walter Reed to thank his supporters is still generating headlines, and a story rounding up criticism in the New York Times suggests the incident raises an unprecedented question for Secret Service agents: "Who will protect them from Trump?" At...

Kamala Harris Picks Her Secret Service Code Name


(Newser) - Kamala Harris has chosen her Secret Service code name: Pioneer. The presumptive vice presidential nominee was put under Secret Service protection last week, soon after Joe Biden named her as his running mate, and law enforcement sources tell CNN and ABC News of Harris' call sign selection. Code names must...

Here's Why Trump Was Rushed From the Briefing Room

Secret Service officer shoots threatening man near White House

(Newser) - A uniformed Secret Service officer shot and wounded a man during a confrontation near the White House that led to President Trump being abruptly escorted out of a briefing room during a televised news conference Monday, authorities said. The White House complex was not breached and no one under Secret...

Rushed Out of Briefing, Trump Says There Was a Shooting

Man wounded outside the White House is taken to a hospital

(Newser) - President Trump was suddenly escorted out of the White House briefing room by a Secret Service agent as he was beginning a coronavirus briefing Monday afternoon. He returned minutes later, the AP reports, saying there was a shooting outside the White House. The situation was "under control," he...

Secret Service Agents Fell Ill Before Pence Trip

VP delayed, scaled back Arizona visit

(Newser) - Vice President Mike Pence, who had been scheduled to visit Arizona for a "Faith in America" campaign rally in Tucson and a tour of Yuma with Gov. Doug Ducey Tuesday, ended up making a much shorter visit to the state Wednesday. Sources tell the Washington Post that Pence postponed...

Secret Service Boots Media From White House Grounds

Claims move was 'for their own safety' amid ongoing demonstrations

(Newser) - The Secret Service says it "misdirected" members of the White House press corps to immediately leave the White House grounds on Monday amid a demonstration in Lafayette Square. Two of the four journalists were from CNN , which describes the move as "highly unusual" since the press corps is...

More Aides Test Positive After Rally

Two Secret Service staffers are among those infected with the coronavirus

(Newser) - Coronavirus tests have come back positive for two more members of President Trump's Tulsa advance team. Both were at the president's reelection rally Saturday, NBC reports, and the campaign said they wore masks. That brings the number of staff members who were in Tulsa known to be infected...

Trump Jr.'s Controversial Trip Cost Taxpayers $77K

That was the Secret Service cost of his 8-day Mongolia trip

(Newser) - Donald Trump Jr. continues to be dogged by that sheep-hunting trip to Mongolia —one that documents now show cost taxpayers roughly $77,000. ProPublica in December reported on the eight-day August trip, during which the oldest son of the US president killed a rare argali sheep and obtained a...

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