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First-of-Its-Kind Amazon Store Is Missing One Key Thing

You won't find cashiers at the Amazon Go Grocery store opening in Seattle

(Newser) - Tuesday's likely to be a big day in Seattle's Capitol Hill district, where Reuters reports that the first Amazon Go Grocery store is opening, with just one thing missing: cashiers. Customers simply walk into the 10,400-square-foot site—smaller than the 40,000 square feet or so found... More »

10 Healthiest, Most Unhealthy Cities in America

Head West for good health

(Newser) - Staying in shape and in a general state of wellness is (and should be) a priority for most—and where you live can have an effect on how you maintain your health. WalletHub looked at more than 170 of the most populated US cities across more than three dozen metrics,... More »

In Seattle, a Little Controversy Over NHL Team Name

Rumor mill thinks it will be 'Kraken,' while an author has vested interest in 'Sockeyes'

(Newser) - This much is clear: Seattle is getting an NHL team, and it will play its first game in the 2021 season. But what will that team be called? That's where things are getting a little strange. Hockey blogger John Hoven said Wednesday in a radio interview that he has... More »

'Sheer Panic' After Shooting in Downtown Seattle

Gunman still at large after 1 killed, 7 hurt

(Newser) - At least one gunman is still at large after a shooting that caused panic in downtown Seattle Wednesday night. Police say one woman was killed and at least seven people were injured after a suspect or suspects opened fire outside a McDonald's around 5pm, the Seattle Times reports. Officials... More »

Seattle Will Have Nation's First Human Composting Site

They've found a forest home for all the soil

(Newser) - A warehouse in Seattle is being converted into a facility to turn the dearly departed into mulch. Washington state's first-in-the-nation bill legalizing human composting takes effect in May and Katrina Spade, CEO of Recompose, believes the facility will be the first of many. She has created a process that... More »

Police Ruse 'Shocked the Conscience': Report

Seattle officer made up a story to track down a hit-and-run suspect

(Newser) - A Seattle police officer who apparently used a ruse for "fun" may have contributed to a man's suicide, CNN reports. An internal police probe says it all began when two officers approached a West Seattle woman's house in 2018 to ask about her connection with a man... More »

Seattle Schools Send Home Unvaccinated Students

Wednesday was the deadline for proving compliance

(Newser) - Hundreds of students were shut out of school Wednesday in Seattle because records didn't show they'd had the required vaccinations. A few weeks ago, 2,200 students didn't have vaccinations on file, the Times reports. After warnings were sent out about the Wednesday deadline and free vaccination... More »

Get Vaccinated or Don't Return From Break, Students Told

Schools will exclude those out of compliance after break, as state law requires

(Newser) - Seattle public schools has given parents and students an assignment and a deadline. Students must have required vaccinations by Jan. 8, or they won't be allowed back in school after break. Many are not in compliance with measles, mumps, and rubella, KIRO reports. “I think they did the... More »

No One Knew How Much She Had. 17 Schools Just Found Out

Eva Gordon, who died at 105, donated $550K each to 17 community colleges in Washington state

(Newser) - Nearly 20 community colleges in Washington state received a surprise gift this holiday season: checks for $550,000 each, sent from the estate of a 105-year-old Seattle woman who died last year. Per the Guardian , the nearly $10 million left to 17 area schools last month by Eva Gordon came... More »

Single in America? These Are the Best Places to Be

Be sure to avoid Pearl City, Hawaii

(Newser) - Almost half of US adults are unmarried, but WalletHub wants to change that. With the goal "to help America's singles find love," the site compared living costs, including the cost of restaurant meals and movie tickets; the availability of recreational activities; the share of singles; and more... More »

Amazon's $1.5M in Seattle Races May Have Backfired

Company drew criticism for spending to support business-friendly candidates

(Newser) - Amazon poured $1.5 million into an effort to overhaul Seattle's City Council this year. It didn't deliver. Though many votes remain to be counted, early returns suggest the online retail giant and other business interests will have fewer obvious allies on the council than at any time... More »

Amanda Knox Is Ready for Your Questions

She's to write an advice column for 'Westside Seattle'

(Newser) - Have a question for Amanda Knox? Now's a good time to ask. The 32-year-old Seattle native is getting her own advice column in the weekly newspaper Westside Seattle, which the Guardian reports is published by family of her husband. Already listed as a contributing writer and photographer with the... More »

Uncashed Royalty Check to Kurt Cobain Is Smaller Than You Think

It was for $26, just before the Nirvana made it big

(Newser) - A record store owner in Seattle has stumbled on papers that belonged to the late Kurt Cobain before he became a household name. Matt Vaughan of Easy Street Records bought a collection of Nirvana's tour itineraries back in 1993 but it wasn't until last week that he found... More »

America's 10 Most, Least Educated Cities

Look for the learned in Ann Arbor, Mich.

(Newser) - "Smart" doesn't necessarily equate with "educated," but having an education can certainly help maximize one's natural intelligence—and there are certain US cities where the most scholarly are gathered. WalletHub looked at the 150 most populated metropolitan areas in the US, specifically across two key... More »

This Is the Best Big City in the US

Virginia Beach is No. 1 in WalletHub ranking

(Newser) - All big cities have problems. Some are just able to "tackle their problems and emphasize their strengths more efficiently than others," according to WalletHub , which rounds up the best US cities to call home with populations over 300,000. Three of the top 10 cities—based on affordability,... More »

Man Goes on 'Unprovoked, Random' Stabbing Spree in Seattle: Cops

One victim is in critical condition, suspect is in custody

(Newser) - Three people have been hospitalized in Seattle after what police are calling an "unprovoked and random attack" Tuesday morning, KIRO 7 reports. Police say a male suspect stabbed three men, including a Nordstrom employee, outside the Nordstrom flagship store downtown; a 79-year-old stabbed in the neck and a 77-year-old... More »

Biden Makes Commotion With 'Gay Waiter' Comment

He tells supporters homophobic remarks would have been tolerated 5 years ago

(Newser) - An awkward moment for Joe Biden: At a Seattle fundraiser on Saturday, the 2020 hopeful, speaking about how far gay rights have come in America, suggested that it would have been acceptable just five years ago for somebody at a business lunch to make fun of a gay waiter, the... More »

Parades in NYC, Other Big Cities All Commemorate This 1969 Event

It's the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, which sparked modern gay-rights movement

(Newser) - As Pride Month comes to a close, New York threw a massive LGBTQ Pride March, as other cities, including San Francisco, Chicago, and Seattle, also hosted parades commemorating the 50th anniversary of the clash between police and gay bar patrons that sparked the modern gay-rights movement. New York's Pride... More »

Property Owner Gets Revenge on a Parked Car

Seattle's Dan Smith builds makeshift fence to block car-share company's vehicle

(Newser) - A Seattle man took exception to a car-share vehicle that was parked without permission at his duplex. So he built a fence around it. Dan Smith told KIRO-TV he doesn't know who parked the car2go Mercedes May 17, but it wasn't one of his tenants. He contacted Share... More »

America's 10 Best Cities for 'Staycations'

Honolulu is No. 1

(Newser) - Looking to start your vacation as soon as you clock your last hour at work? WalletHub looks at the best cities for "staycations," looking at more than three dozen metrics in the "Recreation," "Food and Entertainment," and "Rest and Relaxation" categories. Virginia Beach,... More »

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