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James Corden Uses Final Show to Send Message to Americans

Says the country has become too divisive

(Newser) - James Corden used part of his farewell speech on Thursday's final episode of CBS' The Late Late Show to address the deep rift in America over hot button issues including politics and ideology, the AP reports. “We started this show with Obama, then Trump and a global pandemic....

Fired by Fox, Carlson Gets Skewered on Late Night

After big-name media firings, late-night hosts go to town on Tucker Carlson, Don Lemon

(Newser) - As Fox employees absorbed the news Monday of Tucker Carlson's ouster , late-night TV used the development as fodder for its own purposes. Show hosts dug into Carlson's seeming support for Russian President Vladimir Putin , takes on Jan. 6 , disgust over a recent M&Ms makeover , anti-LGBTQ views , and...

Adele Joins James Corden for Final Teary 'Carpool Karaoke'

Singer and comedian, old friends from UK, team up for Corden's send-off from 'Late Late Show'

(Newser) - Seven years ago, Adele graced James Corden's car for a segment of "Carpool Karaoke," a segment on his Late Late Show. That clip became the most viral video of 2016, racking up 261 million views, per the BBC —so it made sense that comedian's old...

Corden's Show to Be Replaced By @midnight

Game show ran on Comedy Central until 2017

(Newser) - CBS' The Late, Late Show soon will be "the late." The network has decided to end the show after 28 years when host James Corden leaves this spring , Deadline reports. In its place at 12:30am will be a new version of @midnight, a game show that ran...

James Corden 'Inadvertently' Copies Ricky Gervais Joke

Joke about Twitter was almost identical to one Gervais told in 2018 Netflix special

(Newser) - Embattled Late Late Show host James Corden says he "inadvertently" used a Ricky Gervais joke during his monologue Monday night. Elon Musk "does this thing where he goes, ‘Well, it’s the town square.’ But it isn't," Corden said while discussing Musk's takeover...

James Corden Opens Show With Apology
James Corden
Opens Show
With Apology

James Corden Opens Show With Apology

'Late Late Show' host explained how NYC restaurant banned him over 'rude comment'

(Newser) - "Have I missed anything? Did I miss any news?" James Corden joked with his studio audience Monday. The Late Late Show host was, of course, referring to the hubbub sparked since he was banned, then unbanned from the New York City restaurant Balthazar over his reported treatment of the...

Restaurant Drama Makes for a Weird James Corden Interview

'New York Times' had already planned to sit down with the late night host

(Newser) - A New York Times sitdown planned at the beginning of the month went a bit off the rails after the recent social media drama involving the subject of the interview, James Corden. Corden was supposed to be talking to the Times about his upcoming exit after more than eight years...

James Corden Involved in Weird NYC Restaurant Drama

Balthazar owner says Corden was banned, then un-banned

(Newser) - The owner of Balthazar, the Manhattan restaurant that's a favorite of the celeb set, claimed to have banned late night host James Corden from the SoHo eatery before later doing a 180. "James Corden is a Hugely gifted comedian, but a tiny Cretin of a man. And the...

James Corden Plans Next Move
James Corden
Plans Next Move

James Corden Plans Next Move

'Late Late Show' host will end his 8-season tenure in the spring

(Newser) - James Corden, who had suggested he wouldn't remain host of The Late Late Show indefinitely, has put an end date on his tenure. The host said Thursday that he's signed a contract with CBS that runs till spring, per the Hollywood Reporter . Then he's out, after eight...

Seth Meyers Cancels Shows After Testing Positive
3rd Late-Night
Host Tests

3rd Late-Night Host Tests Positive

James Corden has COVID, after Seth Meyers and Jimmy Fallon

(Newser) - Update: Another late-night host has tested positive for COVID: This time it's James Corden, who, like Seth Meyers and Jimmy Fallon before him, is doing well. "I'm fully vaccinated, boosted, and because of this, am fortunate enough to say I feel completely fine," the 43-year-old wrote...

Bezos' $500K Donation Met With Groans

Baby2Baby donation from world's second-richest man fell flat: Page Six

(Newser) - Celebrities including Jeff Bezos raised $8.5 million for Baby2Baby, a nonprofit that provides diapers and other necessities to children living in poverty, at its 10th annual gala in Los Angeles on Saturday, per Vanity Fair . But if Bezos was expecting a pat on the back for his $500,000...

Broadway Fans Pull a Wicked Move Against Star

A petition asking to keep James Corden out of adaptation is going viral

(Newser) - People love Wicked. James Corden—not so much. The Broadway hit—you can still get tickets to it—has been around since 2003. Unless you’re a fan of the BBC sitcom Gavin & Stacy, Corden, who took over the Late Late Show in 2015, has not been a hit...

James Corden to Revise Game Seen as Anti-Asian
She Called Out James Corden,
Is Now Getting Death Threats
in case you missed it

She Called Out James Corden, Is Now Getting Death Threats

Petition creator Kim Saira wants an apology for segment she sees as anti-Asian

(Newser) - Late Late Show host James Corden has vowed to reform his occasional "Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts" segment, but that's not enough for critics who call it racist. Some 46,000 people have signed a Change.org petition demanding a public apology, a donation to Asian...

6 Late-Night Jokes About Trump's Pants

No, he didn't wear them backward, but that didn't stop the hosts

(Newser) - There's a reason #Trumppants has been trending the last few days, even if it is a pretty strange one. After images surfaced online (see the aforementioned hashtag), the internet seemed convinced that Donald Trump wore his pants backward in North Carolina on Saturday, notes NPR . He did not. If...

Late Night Responds to Biden's First Presser

President, compared to an 'old-timer football coach,' takes flak on immigration

(Newser) - Late night hosts joked about the president's age and finger guns as well as his predecessor Thursday following Joe Biden's first press conference since taking office. "Normally, when a 78-year-old answers an hour of questions, they're getting a physical," quipped Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon....

Late Night on the Georgia Shootings: 'We Saw It Coming'
Late Night
Got Somber
on Wednesday

Late Night Got Somber on Wednesday

Hosts speak about the Georgia shootings, racism

(Newser) - There wasn’t much to laugh about Wednesday as late night hosts took on the Atlanta-area shootings that left eight people dead, including six Asian women. The Daily Show 's Trevor Noah noted his frustration at the shooter's claim that he wasn't motivated by racism . "Your...

Harry: British Tabs Were 'Destroying My Mental Health'

Prince, James Corden have tea on an open-air bus, visit home from 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'

(Newser) - James Corden has been in Los Angeles for several years, so he now fancies himself "a bit of a local." That's why, when the Late Late Show host heard a friend had recently moved to the area, he decided to take him on an open-air bus ride...

'Anyone Else Feel Like They Just Lost 280 Pounds?'

Late night bids farewell to the Trump presidency

(Newser) - "So that's what it feels like when you're not grinding your teeth." So declared an upbeat Seth Meyers on Wednesday after Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th US president. Meyers took some time stressing the phrase "former President Trump." He "concluded...

Late Night Not Wowed by Trump's Social Media Bans

'Guess who doesn't want to ban TikTok anymore'

(Newser) - Late night hosts had a lot to unpack Thursday, from Joe Biden's certification as the next US president to President Trump's bans from social media. "And yet, compared to yesterday , it's a slow news day," remarked Jimmy Fallon, who called out resigning White House officials...

Late Night's Take on Wednesday Was Pretty Bleak

Colbert calls it 'a horrifying day that will go down in US history, however much longer that is'

(Newser) - Wednesday's events were no laughing matter for Jimmy Fallon, who on the Tonight Show reviewed what unfolded at the Capitol with guest Dan Rather and had this to say: "Being here tonight and talking to you at home and reassuring you that we’re going to be OK...

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