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Here Are the Best, Worst States for Women

Minnesota comes out on top, Mississippi is at the bottom

(Newser) - Pay gaps, the minimum wage, the pandemic—all issues that affect women disproportionately, though there are some areas of the US that offer better opportunities for women than others. WalletHub tries to shake those locations out, looking at more than two dozen metrics in two main categories: women's economic...

Here Are the Hardest-Working US Cities

Alaska's Anchorage comes out on top, Detroit dead last

(Newser) - Work has been hard to come by during the pandemic, but Americans' work ethic in general remains strong. WalletHub wanted to find out which US cities have the hardest workers, and so the site looked at 116 of the country's biggest cities across nearly a dozen metrics in two...

Consumer Reports Names 10 Best Vehicles

If you're looking for a sweet new ride, the nonprofit picks the best sedan, SUV, pickup, and more

(Newser) - Not that anyone's leaving the house too much these days, but those who like to cruise around town or even take the occasional road trip may be interested in Consumer Reports' ranking of the best cars for 2021. The nonprofit consumer advocacy group put more than 250 models through...

Twitter Thread Goes Viral With Tips for Freezing Texans

Towels, blankets, pantyhose, pool noodles, even your own armpits can prove invaluable

(Newser) - As a writer living in Michigan, Rebecca Mix is no stranger to winter storms and the resulting power outages. That's why she decided to share her tips for keeping as toasty and safe as possible when you've got no heat, no electricity, and perhaps no water, per Digg...

The Greediest, Angriest, Most Jealous States in America

WalletHub takes note of our sins and ranks us

(Newser) - The first day of Lent is Wednesday, and for Christians who follow the observance, it's often a time to give up a bad habit for the six weeks that follow. That may be harder for people in some parts of the country, per WalletHub , which has ranked US states...

These Are the Biggest Donors in the US

Jezz Bezos and ex MacKenzie Scott top the list

(Newser) - These are the donors who gave the most in 2020, according to the Philanthropy 50, an annual ranking compiled by the Chronicle of Philanthropy, per the AP . A searchable database with more information on the donors and their beneficiaries is available at .
  1. Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder, $10.2

Here Are the Healthiest, Least Healthy Cities in America

Is there something in the water out West?

(Newser) - Staying healthy is a priority for many people, and where you live makes a difference. WalletHub has done the work to help you figure out which places might help you reach your wellness goals. The site looked at 180-plus of the most populated cities across the nation, using nearly four...

Here Are the Best, Worst States for Finding Love

Singles may want to check out Florida

(Newser) - Valentine's Day is fast approaching, which means thoughts of love, for better or worse, may be on everyone's mind. Singles still hoping to find their mate may have better luck in some states than in others, and WalletHub has started the matchmaking process by examining the potentials. The...

Seeking Retirement Bliss? Check Out These States
10 Best States
for Retirement

10 Best States for Retirement

Florida ranks No. 1 on WalletHub's list

(Newser) - If your golden years are approaching, or if early retirement is in the cards, where to decide to enjoy your post-work life can prove to be a challenge. WalletHub has tried to take some of the guesswork out of the process, examining nearly four dozen metrics in all 50 states,...

These States Are Safest During the Pandemic

You'll fare best dealing with COVID in Alaska, worst in Arizona

(Newser) - As the rollout of the various coronavirus vaccines continues, there's now a (still somewhat distant) light at the end of the pandemic tunnel. But with months to go before much of the population is vaccinated, it's important to keep up with safety and health guidelines, and to keep...

Here Are the 10 Best, Worst States to Drive In

You'll be cruising pretty in Texas, trying to tame your road rage in Hawaii

(Newser) - There's still not a lot to do these days as we continue our weary march through the pandemic, but at least going for a drive can be a nice escape—unless you're in Hawaii, that is. That's the surprising last-place entry in WalletHub's new ranking of...

10 Best States to Raise a Family
Best, Worst States
to Raise a Family

Best, Worst States to Raise a Family

From Massachusetts to New Mexico

(Newser) - The best state in which to raise a family? That would be Massachusetts, according to WalletHub . The site used a number of metrics, including education, opportunities for "family fun," the number of families with young kids, health care, etc. Coming in dead last was New Mexico. Here are...

Want an Active Lifestyle? Check Out These Cities
Want an Active
Lifestyle? Live Here

Want an Active Lifestyle? Live Here

These are the US cities where you can be the fittest version of you

(Newser) - New year, new you? If that's one of your goals for 2021, and fitness is integral to that goal, there are parts of the US that may suit you best. In its quest to track down where the promise of an active lifestyle beckons, WalletHub analyzed the 100 largest...

Here Are the 10 Best Cities for Jobs in America

South Burlington, Vt., looks better than most

(Newser) - The job market hasn't been great over the past year, mainly due to the COVID pandemic. As people start the new year off trying to make a fresh start, however, some locations across the country may offer better chances at employment than others. WalletHub took a look at more...

One Trump, One Obama Take Home 'Most Admired' Crowns

Donald Trump ends Barack Obama's 12-year winning streak, while Michelle Obama wins top spot for women

(Newser) - Donald Trump didn't beat Joe Biden in the election, but he can notch a win against Barack Obama. In its annual survey on the matter, Gallup pollsters asked 1,000 or so American adults to name, without being given choices, a man and a woman they most admire anywhere...

Top 10 Songs of the Year
Top 10 Songs of the Year

Top 10 Songs of the Year

Keedron Bryant's "I Just Wanna Live" leads the way

(Newser) - Associated Press Music Editor Mesfin Fekadu has compiled the top 10 songs of the year for 2020. Young Keedron Bryant gets top honors. The list, with links to the videos:
  1. Keedron Bryant, "I Just Wanna Live." The 12-year-old's powerful performance about being a young Black man in

Obama Out With Favorites of 2020
Obama Out
With Favorites
of 2020

Obama Out With Favorites of 2020

He's a fan of Better Call Saul

(Newser) - Barack Obama has developed a tradition of sorts by unveiling year-end favorites, and this year's lists include TV shows, movies , books , and songs of 2020. And, no, he doesn't include his own memoir , though he does give it a plug. From Obama over the last few days:
  • TV

These Celebs Should Get Vaccinated in Public
These Celebs Should Get
Vaccinated in Public

These Celebs Should Get Vaccinated in Public

Donald Fagen of Steely Dan makes the list at the Verge

(Newser) - Now that COVID vaccinations have begun in the US, the Verge thinks certain celebrities should get their shots in public as a way of encouraging fans to do the same. After all, it worked when Elvis got his polio vaccination on TV in 1956, writes Nicole Wetsman. The list has...

US Cities That Need the Most Vaccine Doses to Start

Detroit, Cleveland top the list

(Newser) - With Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine possibly just days away from being shipped, the next order of business will be starting to divvy it up for distribution across the country. WalletHub looked at more than 90 cities across America to figure out which may need the most initial vaccinations. The site...

This Is the Least Sinful City in the US

Pearl City, Hawaii, gets the nod in new ranking

(Newser) - If you had to guess which city in the US was the most "sinful," well, you'd probably be correct. Las Vegas earns the distinction in a new ranking among 182 cities in the US by WalletHub . Maybe more interesting is guessing the least sinful, which turns out...

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