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Cameron Diaz Dating ... Diddy?
 Cameron Diaz Dating ... Diddy? 

Cameron Diaz Dating ... Diddy?

Apparently she's moved on from A-Rod

(Newser) - Today in Unlikely Celebrity Romances: Cameron Diaz and Sean "Diddy" Combs. Yep. The two have apparently known each other for a while (see photo evidence at left), but were caught smooching Saturday night at a New York club. "They were kissing and making out," and danced in...

Cop: Sean Combs Ordered Tupac Shakur's Death and Suge Knight Ordered Biggie Smalls Killed

 Sean Combs 
 LA Cop 
in case you missed it

Sean Combs Ordered Tupac Murder: LA Cop

And Suge Knight had Biggie Smalls killed in revenge, says book by former LAPD detective

(Newser) - Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls were murdered by the order of rival record company bosses, according to an LAPD detective who investigated Tupac's slaying in 1996. Gang informant Keffe Davis claims Sean Combs—then known as Puff Daddy—offered him $1 million to kill Tupac and Death Row records...

Felon Admits He Shot Tupac in 1994 Assault

It happened two years before rapper's murder

(Newser) - Tupac Shakur would have turned 40 tomorrow, and his 1996 murder remains unsolved. But a felon serving a life sentence is claiming to clear up the 1994 assault of the rapper: Dexter Isaac tells AllHipHop that he robbed and shot Shakur in Manhattan after being hired to do so by...

Film Fest Fans Scratch Heads Over Joaquin

Venice as confused as everyone about actor's bizarre filmed journey

(Newser) - First critics were stumped, now film festival fans are just as perplexed after seeing Joaquin Phoenix's latest movie and are still wondering: is he punking us or is he in the throes of a serious mental collapse? "There is no hoax," director Casey Affleck told reporters at the...

$350K Cars Among Insane Gifts to Celebs' Teens

Sean 'Diddy' Combs' gave Justin a sweet ride...but that's nothing

(Newser) - Diddy's son Justin Combs—whose middle name is Dior, by the way—got a $350,000 luxury Maybach car (and, of course, $10,000 to donate to charity) for his 16th birthday this weekend. But that’s not over the top at all—at least not when compared to the...

Diddy Weds Kim Porter ... Or Does He?
 Diddy Weds Kim Porter ... Or 
 Does He? 
what a tweet

Diddy Weds Kim Porter ... Or Does He?

Mogul backs off after early-morning tweet announcement

(Newser) - The tweet was misspelled but easy to understand: "Juat married," Sean "Diddy" Combs announced to his Twitter followers at 3:30 this morning. Within 2 hours, the entertainer had changed his tune to "No I didn't get married !!!!! Pls stop asking!!!" But St. Bart's has...

Sean Combs to Obama: Please Adopt Me

 Sean Combs 
 to Obama: 
 Please Adopt Me 

Sean Combs to Obama: Please Adopt Me

Rapper extraordinaire also takes credit for election

(Newser) - Sean Combs sat down with Playboy for an interview, and the artist formerly known as Diddy (and P-Diddy, and Puff Daddy ...) sure is good for a quote. Or several. Highlights:
  • On his hip-hop legacy: "If I’m not inspiring you at this point, you’re a lost hope.

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