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Trump Lawyers Target Obama, Biden

They argue that the Obama administration was the one that abused power

(Newser) - Much of the second day of President Trump's impeachment defense focused not on the president's actions, but on the previous administration. In what Politico calls "an alternate-reality impeachment of his political rivals," Trump lawyers Pam Bondi and Eric Herschmann argued that former President Obama and Joe... More »

Biden: Sanders Campaign Is Circulating 'Doctored' Video

It's not actually doctored, but is taken out of context

(Newser) - Joe Biden has called for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign to “disown” a video that some Sanders supporters say shows the former vice president endorsing Republican calls to cut Social Security and Medicare, the AP reports. “There’s a little doctored video going around ... put out by one of... More »

Rand Paul to Fellow GOPers: Careful on Vote in Trump Trial

Warns Republican senators their vote on witnesses could threaten their reelection runs

(Newser) - President Trump's impeachment trial officially begins Thursday in the Senate, and at least four Republican senators will need to vote with Democrats to introduce new evidence and call witnesses such as John Bolton and Mick Mulvaney, per the Washington Post . And Kentucky's Rand Paul has a warning for... More »

Firm: Russians Hacked Burisma Amid Impeachment Hearings

Russian military intelligence is implicated, again

(Newser) - "You're looking at a repeat, potentially, of 2016." So says New York Times journalist Matthew Rosenberg, whose reporting indicates that the same Russian hacker group that stole emails from Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman has now hacked Burisma, the Ukrainian gas company at the heart of President... More »

AOC: Any Other Country, I Wouldn't Be in Biden's Party

She thinks Democratic party's tent may be too big

(Newser) - The New Yorker is out with a profile of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez after her first year in office, and the progressive does not sound thrilled about being in the same party as moderates such as, say, Joe Biden. Reporter David Freelander asked about her hypothetical role in Congress if Biden were... More »

Misleading Biden Video Goes Viral

Line from former VP's speech addressing domestic violence was taken out of context

(Newser) - A video of Joe Biden making its way around the internet has gone viral—but it is a cherry-picked clip from a longer Biden speech that misrepresents what he was really saying, putting renewed focus on the issue of misinformation and the role it may play during the 2020 campaign.... More »

Biden Won't Rule Out Having a Republican VP

'I would, but I can't think of one now'

(Newser) - Joe Biden says he's open to sharing the Democratic ticket with a Republican if he's nominated, but there's one problem: He can't think of a suitable one. A woman at an event in New Hampshire on Monday told Biden that her 21-year-old son was wondering if... More »

Biden Says He Won't Comply With Senate Subpoena

Candidate argues his testimony would just be a diversion that the news media would fall for

(Newser) - "The grounds for them to call me would be overwhelmingly specious," Joe Biden said in detailing why he wouldn't honor a Senate subpoena to testify in President Trump's impeachment trial. Summoning him would just be a diversion, Biden told the Des Moines Register editorial board Friday.... More »

Sarah Sanders Apologizes After Mocking Biden Stutter

'I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I hhhave absolutely no idea what Biden is talking about' she said

(Newser) - Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders clashed over health care in Thursday night's Democratic debate —but an exchange with another Sanders is getting a lot of attention. After Biden demonstrated a stutter while talking about helping children with who struggle with stutters, former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders... More »

Joe Biden Releases Medical Report

He is a 'healthy, vigorous, 77-year-old male'

(Newser) - During an argument at a recent campaign stop in Iowa , Joe Biden challenged an 83-year-old retired farmer to a push-up contest. A doctor's report released by the Biden campaign Tuesday suggests he probably would have won. The report prepared by physician Kevin C. O'Connor states that Biden is... More »

Biden Denies Plans to Only Serve One Term

'I don't have plans on one term. I'm not even there yet'

(Newser) - Joe Biden is pushing back against claims that he is considering a pledge to only serve one term . Biden, who recently turned 77, would become the oldest president in US history if he is elected next year—and if he won a second term, he would be 87 by the... More »

Biden Signals He Doesn't Want 2 Terms

But there's debate on whether to admit that fact publicly

(Newser) - Joe Biden badly wants to be president, but apparently not for eight years. The 77-year-old former vice president has indicated to aides that he would serve only a single term if elected president next fall, Politico reports. "He's going to be 82 years old in four years and... More »

Most Notable Quotes of 2019 Have Been Chosen

At the top of the list: one from the July 25 Trump-Zelensky call

(Newser) - Activist Greta Thunberg and actress Emma Watson have two of the 10 most notable quotes of 2019, according to a librarian at Yale Law School. But it's the line at the center of the impeachment inquiry—"I would like you to do us a favor, though"—from... More »

Biden to Iowa Voter: 'You're a Damn Liar!'

He challenged 83-year-old to a push-up contest

(Newser) - Joe Biden called an Iowa voter a "damn liar" and challenged him to a push-up contest during an angry exchange Thursday. Biden lashed out at the man, who identified himself as an 83-year-old non-Republican retired farmer, after he accused him of sending son Hunter Biden to work for a... More »

Biden Picks Up Backing of a Former Nominee

John Kerry endorses the former VP

(Newser) - Joe Biden picked up a notable endorsement on Thursday from someone who once won the Democratic nomination. Former Secretary of State John Kerry backed his longtime friend for the White House, reports the Boston Globe . "The world is broken,” said Kerry, "and I believe very deeply that... More »

Biden Floats a Possible Running Mate

He's open to the idea of Kamala Harris

(Newser) - Joe Biden was asked on Wednesday whether he'd consider picking Kamala Harris as his running mate. "Of course I would," he told reporters. Politico suggests it might be more than a press-friendly reply. It reports he publicly praised Harris on Tuesday and Wednesday, and his words on... More »

Biden Uses Trudeau Video in New Anti-Trump Ad

'World is laughing' at Trump and the US, says former VP

(Newser) - That hot mic incident involving Justin Trudeau laughing about President Trump? It's now front and center in a new Joe Biden ad. The former VP's Twitter account released a video centering on the incident with the Canadian prime minister and other world leaders, reports the Hill . "The... More »

Joe Biden's New Slogan Causes a Fuss

'No malarkey' isn't exactly hailed as being in touch

(Newser) - On Sunday Joe Biden tweeted that "We're officially on the road for our eight-day #NoMalarkey Tour across Iowa!" And yes, "No Malarkey!" is emblazoned on his tour bus. It's a campaign slogan that's attracting no shortage of derision. At Vox , Matthew Yglesias calls... More »

Conways Take Their Trump Divide Public

George refers to impeachment inquiry after Kellyanne mocks Biden

(Newser) - George and Kellyanne Conway have made their opinions of President Trump clear: He can't stand the man, while she is one of his most enthusiastic defenders. While that no doubt makes for some interesting conversations in the Conway household, they have largely refrained from clashing publicly—until now. George... More »

Former President Weighs In on the Bidens and Ukraine

Aleksander Kwasniewski gives the AP his thoughts

(Newser) - Aleksander Kwasniewski, a former Polish president and currently a board member for Ukrainian gas company Burisma, says Hunter Biden was chosen to join its advisory board because of his name and that is simply how the world of business works, the AP reports. But Kwasniewski insisted in an interview with... More »

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