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Biden: My 'Lynching' Comment Wasn't Same as Trump's

He used the words 'partisan lynching' when discussing Bill Clinton's impeachment

(Newser) - On Tuesday, Joe Biden took President Trump to task for describing the impeachment inquiry against him as a lynching . Also on Tuesday: Biden apologized for doing essentially the same thing in 1998. The series of events:
  • First came Biden's tweet , in which he chided the president: "Impeachment is
... More »

Biden Drops, Buttigieg Surges in Latest Iowa Poll

Ex-VP is now at 18%, Warren at 17%, and Buttigieg at 13%; Harris, Sanders in single digits

(Newser) - A lot can change in four months, and new polling in Iowa suggests seismic shifts among the ever-changing top tier of Democratic presidential candidates. Per a new Suffolk University/USA Today survey of 500 likely Democratic caucus attendees, it's now a three-way race between Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and, in... More »

Official: I Tried to Warn Biden

George Kent says he worried about the optics of Burisma

(Newser) - A career diplomat says he voiced concerns about Joe Biden's son, but to little effect. In closed-door testimony this week, George Kent told congressional investigators he'd warned the office of then-Vice President Biden about his son's position at a Ukrainian energy company, sources tell the Washington Post... More »

Hunter Biden: 'I Don't Feed Bullies'

But candidate's son regrets making his father vulnerable to attacks

(Newser) - In an interview with ABC News airing Tuesday, Hunter Biden emerges from the low profile he's been keeping to defend himself and his father. The message he repeats: He has done nothing unethical in his overseas business dealings, particularly in his role on a Ukraine gas company's board.... More »

Whistleblower's Lawyer: Report of Ties to Biden Misleading

Whistleblower's legal team pushes back

(Newser) - On Wednesday, President Trump made another accusation against the Ukraine-call whistleblower—and the whistleblower's legal team is pushing back. The president's assertion : that "the Whistleblower has ties to one of my DEMOCRAT OPPONENTS," leading to a "conflict of interest." The Washington Examiner notes Trump'... More »

For Biden, a 1st With Regard to Trump's Impeachment

Biden declares his support for the first time

(Newser) - Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said Wednesday for the first time that President Trump must be impeached for abusing the powers of his office to help his own reelection, the AP reports. Biden made the remarks as part of a blistering 25-minute speech in New Hampshire, departing from his usual... More »

As Facebook Turns Down Biden, Warren Makes Big Claim

Senator suggests social media site will help elect Trump

(Newser) - Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter have refused to pull a Trump campaign ad claiming Joe Biden offered $1 billion in aid to Ukraine if the country removed a prosecutor investigating a company linked to Biden's son. CNN refused the grainy, 30-second ad released Sept. 27, citing false claims, reports the... More »

Texts Show Pressure Put on Ukraine to Launch Probe

House Democrats released a series of text messages provided by Kurt Volker

(Newser) - Text messages provided to the House Intelligence Committee by former US Special Envoy for Ukraine Kurt Volker were released by Democrats late Thursday night—and NBC News sees them as "explicitly linking" a potential White House meeting between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky with a Ukraine probe... More »

Joe Biden Falls Behind 2 Rivals in Fundraising

His total is down $7M from the previous quarter

(Newser) - Joe Biden isn't the Democratic frontrunner when it comes to fundraising, according to figures released by his campaign Thursday. The Biden campaign says the former vice president raised $15.2 million over the last three months, some $7 million less than in the previous quarter of 2019, the New ... More »

Trump: China Should Look at the Bidens, Too

President accuses VP's son of shady dealings, though a fact-checker disagrees

(Newser) - President Trump got into political hot water by suggesting that Ukraine investigate Joe and Hunter Biden. On Thursday, he not only doubled down, he made a similar request of China. "Likewise, China should start an investigation into the Bidens," the president told reporters, per Politico . "Because what... More »

Biden Campaign to Networks: Stop Booking Giuliani

He has 'demonstrated that he will knowingly and willingly lie'

(Newser) - Joe Biden's campaign has asked TV networks to stop allowing President Trump's attorney to "introduce increasingly unhinged, unfounded, and desperate lies into the national conversation." In a letter to the heads of networks including ABC, NBC, CNN, CBS, and Fox seen by Politico , Biden campaign officials... More »

What Hunter Biden Really Did

His work at a Ukrainian natural-gas company was 'socially acceptable corruption,' says the Atlantic

(Newser) - Just what did Joe Biden's son do in Ukraine? Reporters are revisiting the question as Democrats continue their impeachment probe of President Trump. After all, Trump is accused of pressuring Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky into investigating Hunter Biden's activities there. In what the Atlantic wryly calls "socially... More »

Trump's Envoy to Ukraine Quits Amid Whistleblower Hubbub

Kurt Volker steps down after Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani says they were in frequent contact

(Newser) - Kurt Volker, a former US ambassador to NATO caught in the middle of a whistleblower complaint over President Trump's dealings with Ukraine, resigned Friday from his post as special envoy to the Eastern European nation, according to a US official. The official said Volker told Secretary of State Mike... More »

Joe Biden: Looks Like 'Impeachable Offense' to Me

Rival goes on Jimmy Kimmel, sees 'blatant abuse of power' by Trump in phone call

(Newser) - Joe Biden went on Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday night to talk impeachment, and he thinks Democrats have a case. "Based on the material that they acknowledged today, it seems to me it's awful hard to avoid the conclusion that it is an impeachable offense," said Biden. (Watch it... More »

They've Read the Transcript: 5 Takes on Quid Pro Quo

Takeaways from Trump's call with Zelensky

(Newser) - The 5-page memo detailing President Trump's late July call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is out , and much of the ensuing discussion has swirled around the phrase "quid pro quo." Six takes:
  • At the Washington Examiner , Philip Klein calls the transcript "bad news" for Trump. The
... More »

Polls Get Even Better for Warren

Joe Biden bears the brunt

(Newser) - If Joe Biden was concerned to see Elizabeth Warren pull ahead in a recent poll of Iowa , he might now be shaking in his boots. For the first time, the Massachusetts senator leads the former vice president in Quinnipiac University's nationwide poll, out Wednesday, per Politico . Some 27% of... More »

Here's What Trump Said to Ukraine's President

White House has released a 5-page memo summarizing the call

(Newser) - The White House on Wednesday released a five-page memo summarizing the July 25 call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The AP shies away from using the word "transcript," and the Washington Post explains that what was released "is a memorandum of a telephone conversation... More »

Trump: We'll Release Transcript of Phone Call

President says it will be out Wednesday

(Newser) - Will Wednesday bring answers to the Ukraine controversy? President Trump tweeted Tuesday afternoon that he has authorized release of "the complete, fully declassified and unredacted transcript of my phone conversation with President Zelensky of Ukraine." He added that it will prove the call was "totally appropriate."... More »

Pelosi Offers 'Hints' Before Her Statement on Impeachment

She's expected to speak around 5pm ET

(Newser) - (The update as of 5pm ET is that Nancy Pelosi has indeed announced a formal impeachment inquiry. See that here , or read on for more of the latest.) Major media outlets including the Wall Street Journal , Washington Post , and NBC News are reporting by way of sources that... More »

Report: Trump Froze Military Aid Days Before Ukraine Call

Trump denies there was any link to demand to investigate Bidens

(Newser) - In what Democrats are calling potential "extortion," President Trump froze almost $400 million in military aid to Ukraine days before a phone call to the country's president that sparked a whistleblower complaint, insiders tell the Washington Post . The sources say Trump personally ordered acting chief of staff... More »

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