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Biden: Dem Convention Should Be Postponed

'I think it's going to have to move into August'

(Newser) - Joe Biden is on course to become the Democratic nominee—but it may not become official until a lot later than expected. The candidate said Wednesday night that the Democratic National Convention should be pushed back from July to August because of the coronavirus pandemic, the New York Times reports.... More »

Ex-Biden Aide Makes Harrowing Accusation

Tara Reade has more to tell about her old boss

(Newser) - "You're nothing to me." A former Joe Biden aide says those words are still ringing in her ears after he allegedly sexually assaulted her in 1993, the Huffington Post reports. The accuser, Tara Reade, went on a podcast this week and said Biden kissed her, thrust his... More »

'11th Time Was the Charm' at Biden-Sanders Debate

Strong night may have sealed it for Biden

(Newser) - Bernie Sanders needed a clear victory in Sunday night's debate to regain momentum in the race for the Democratic nomination. Most analysts say he didn't get one, despite some strong moments in his first head-to-head debate with Joe Biden. In a live audience-free debate overshadowed by the coronavirus... More »

Biden Commits to a Female Running Mate

Sanders said he will do the same 'in all likelihood'

(Newser) - In a debate dominated by discussion of the coronavirus outbreak , Joe Biden promised to pick a woman as his running mate if he becomes the Democratic nominee. "I commit that I will, in fact, pick a woman to be vice president," the former vice president said. "There... More »

Outbreak Looms Large in Biden, Sanders Debate

There is no live audience at first head-to-head clash

(Newser) - Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are taking part in a very unusual Democratic debate: Because of the coronavirus crisis, there is no live studio audience at the debate, which was shifted from Phoenix to Washington DC. Before their first head-to-head matchup, the two candidates greeted each other by bumping elbows.... More »

Biden's Latest Move Follows Security Scares

Campaign officially requests Secret Service protection

(Newser) - Joe Biden's campaign has formally requested Secret Service protection for the candidate, reports Fox News . A congressional official tells CNN that House and Senate leaders from both parties have been informed of "a formal request for USSS protection" with "disposition of the matter expected soon." The... More »

Sanders' Remarks on Cuba Could Cost Him Big in Florida

Biden has advantage among various demographics, including Hispanics, ahead of Tuesday's primary

(Newser) - Bernie Sanders' 2020 campaign is struggling after Joe Biden's big wins in recent primaries, and another important state on the horizon also doesn't look particularly promising for the Vermont senator. Marc Caputo writes for Politico that after "Michigan broke Bernie Sanders' heart Tuesday, Florida looks ready to... More »

Biden Won After 'Suburban Surge'

Ex-VP racking up primary victories from suburbanites looking for a moderate

(Newser) - Former Vice President Joe Biden has solidly taken front-runner status after Tuesday's primaries , and a big part of his more recent victories can be attributed to what the Washington Post calls a "suburban surge." The paper notes that voter turnout in Michigan especially saw a spike in... More »

Biden Let the Expletive Fly. Here's His Target's Reaction

Jerry Wayne speaks to 'Fox & Friends'

(Newser) - The man Joe Biden called a horse's ass on Tuesday has now offered up his thoughts on the expletive-studded exchange. In an interview with Fox & Friends , construction worker Jerry Wayne says that as the candidate was shaking hands at the under-construction Fiat-Chrysler plant in Detroit, he decided to... More »

Bernie Finally Picks Up a Tuesday Win

Sanders wins North Dakota, as he and Biden are still tied in Washington

(Newser) - After big wins for Joe Biden in Michigan, Missouri, and Mississippi on Tuesday, the picture is looking only slightly brighter for Bernie Sanders out West. In what may be his only win of the night, Sanders won North Dakota's caucuses; the state offers up 14 pledged delegates, reports the... More »

Yang Endorses Biden After Michigan Win

'We need to bring the party together,' he says

(Newser) - After biding his time, Andrew Yang has decided it's Biden time. The tech entrepreneur, who dropped out of the Democratic race after a disappointing result in New Hampshire last month, endorsed Joe Biden in a CNN appearance Tuesday night. He said Sanders was an inspiration for him, but "... More »

Biden Lets Expletive Fly in Conversation With Voter

The man was accusing him of not supporting the Second Amendment

(Newser) - Joe Biden is rallying for last-minute votes in Michigan—and he maybe didn't get this guy's. While visiting an assembly plant being built for Fiat Chrysler, one of the construction workers started a heated conversation with the Democratic contender about guns. "You are actively trying to end... More »

Bernie Needs 2 Things to Happen Tuesday

Politico: Sanders has to avoid a blowout in Michigan and probably win in Washington state

(Newser) - It's not quite Super Tuesday all over again, but the stakes are nonetheless high for Bernie Sanders in the day's voting. All eyes are on Michigan in particular, including Sanders' own. The AP notes he has made five campaign stops across the state since Friday, even canceling a... More »

Cory Booker Makes His Endorsement

Joe Biden picks up another nod ahead of 6 more primaries

(Newser) - A day after Kamala Harris got on the train to Joe Bidentown , another onetime rival announced that he's backing the former vice president's bid for the Oval Office: Cory Booker has become the latest high-profile Democrat to endorse Biden, reports . "The answer to hatred &... More »

Kamala Harris Picks Her Candidate

'I believe in Joe'

(Newser) - Kamala Harris took her time in announcing her pick for the Democratic presidential nominee, and the former rival she wants to see in the White House is Joe Biden, reports the Hill . "I believe in Joe," she said in a statement. “You can see in his eyes... More »

New Analysis Is Good News for Joe Biden

FiveThirtyEight has him as the heavy favorite to win the nomination

(Newser) - Joe Biden's rising fortunes have upended the Democratic race, but the latest analysis from might still be surprising to casual political observers. It gives Biden an 88% chance of winning a majority of pledged delegates and Bernie Sanders just 2%. The accompanying analysis by Nate Silver offers... More »

Sanders Responds to Idea of '2 Old White Guys' Ticket

A Bernie-Biden unity ticket will 'probably not' happen

(Newser) - While Joe Biden is riding high after Super Tuesday, he has yet to unite the Democratic Party, which is why Brian Klaas at the Washington Post is urging him to "announce his pick for vice president this week." So what are the chances that Biden will team up... More »

Last of the Super Tuesday States Has Been Called

Biden wins Maine, meaning he took 10 of the 14 states that voted

(Newser) - Maine was the last remaining Super Tuesday state whose outcome was not yet known, and at 1:57pm Eastern on Wednesday, the AP called it for Joe Biden. That means the former VP won 10 of the 14 states that voted Tuesday and Bernie Sanders won four, the Hill reports.... More »

Jill Biden, Symone Sanders Protect Joe From Protester

Jill Biden and Symone Sanders are being praised on social media after the LA move

(Newser) - In one of the more awesome Super Tuesday moments, Jill Biden and Symone Sanders united to act as Joe Biden's bodyguards during a Los Angeles rally Tuesday night. An anti-dairy protester rushed the stage but was quickly blocked by Jill Biden and Sanders, who's a senior adviser to... More »

Takeaways From Super Tuesday

Biden pulls off 'monumental' comeback

(Newser) - Bernie Sanders won the biggest prize on Super Tuesday —but the wider result was a stunning victory for Joe Biden, who scored wins in at least 9 of the 14 states that voted, including Texas, analysts say. "They don’t call it Super Tuesday for nothing," the... More »

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